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Women Can Age Gracefully

Friday May 30, 2014

There's a lot of pressure on women to look beautiful and getting older doesn't seem to lower that pressure at all.

It's difficult for women over 50 to know what makes sense and what doesn't.

Michele Garber offers helpful suggestions for women that can make decisions regarding what's appropriate for them.

A Misogynist Who Killed People and Dreams

Wednesday May 28, 2014

One young man in a fit of infantile, misogynistic, insane rage killed young men and women and their parents' dreams for them in a few moments.

The bigger question than why he committed such a dastardly act is why a crazy young man was able to purchase guns legally?

And the next question is why his therapist who after reading his rambling, misogynistic, threatening manifesto didn't report him to the police as he was legally bound to do?

Mental health care has been neglected for far too long and other deeply disturbed young men will follow his example.

Insurance companies pay lip service to mental health benefits, but not dollars. Most have a very limited annual amount for therapy which typically equals less than five visits.

Until we pay more than lip service to mental health care we're going to continue reading stories like this one.

Don't Jump Right Back Into The Dating Pool

Saturday May 24, 2014

There's a tendency to make the mistake of getting right back on the horse that threw us after a relationship breakup. That's a huge mistake.

Navigating a new relationship isn't the same as climbing back onto that horse and there's no virtue in that kind of false courage.

Taking inventory of your emotional wellbeing is the best way to begin preparing for your next relationship and this isn't a step that can be effectively bypassed.

Time alone never healed anyone unless they spent that time looking inside.

Duke Died Yesterday And I'm Overwhelmed With Grief

Wednesday May 21, 2014

My twelve-year old Golden Retriever, Duke passed away yesterday. His passing was quiet and although I knew he was getting to the higher end of average for his breed and I'd begun to ponder his death a year ago it still came as a rude shock.

I'm devastated today realizing he won't be resting in his bed behind me while I write and that he won't be reminding me it's time for a walk by putting his head in my lap.

A dog is more than a companion and family pet and while the loss of a dog doesn't equal that of of a human being, it's an overwhelming loss nonetheless.

Single and over 50? Online Dating Works. Get Busy

Saturday May 17, 2014

The fact is that over 50s have a better chance to meet their next life partner online than anywhere else. Many senior daters encounter stumbling blocks every time they go online and begin to search for dates. This is a temporary problem that can be overcome with a little information.

Knowing how to turn those stumbling blocks into opportunities isn't brain surgery but it does require some focus.

We're smart, motivated, and infinitely more patient than we once were. There are too many success stories from online dating to ignore it as your best shot.

Get busy and begin the process that has proven itself effective.

Men Need To Be Their Own Best Friends

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Men suffer emotional stress needlessly and men over 50 in particular need to focus on changing that paradigm.

Owen Marcus leads men in workshops and has successfully changed how men relate to themselves and to other men.

Too many men are loners and in dead marriages that lack emotional depth.

Owen offers simple solutions that every man can embrace.

The Pain of Aging Well Versus The Joy of Being Alive

Thursday May 8, 2014

We're all going to die. That's a fact, but it's not a death sentence in terms of how we enjoy our lives while we're alive.

Letting yourself go after fifty just isn't a viable option for a healthy body and neither is sitting on the couch eating ice cream, drinking beer, and becoming increasingly less healthy.

Being in shape after fifty means walking up a flight of stairs without breathing hard, playing hard with your grandchildren, making frequent love with your partner, and generally just not running out of steam quickly each time you call on your body to perform.

Inertia is a difficult state to change but lying in a coffin earlier than was necessary is an eternity of inertia, which can  be postponed, albeit not prevented.

Nothing feels better than feeling good about yourself and how you're aging has enormous influence on self-esteem. Here's why you need to consider getting in shape.


Did You Parents Have Sex On Mothers Day?

Tuesday May 6, 2014

If you were born around February 11th it's likely your parents made love on Mothers Day and while that notion might be disturbing to some people it's the reality.

What better day to conceive a child than Mothers Day? It's a kind of celebration in advance, a celebration of your conception.

Sex between people in love is sweet and nothing should ever get in the way of it. Rules about sex? There are no rules as long as both participants are enjoying it.

Time to leave the nineteenth century behind and celebrate sex with the same enthusiasm we do Mothers Day.

The Best Sex Is With Your Best Friend

Friday May 2, 2014

The notion that an over 50 man or woman would benefit from having an FWB, friend with benefits is seriously flawed. The best sex an over 50 can have is with is within a relationship in which friendship and passion are both in place.

FWB may work for younger daters, although I'm not convinced that casual sex is ever that great.

Instead of looking outside of your relationship for hot sex look within it. Build emotional intimacy and friendship and sex far better than an FWB relationship could ever provide will follow.

FWB is a cute acronym but not a concept most over 50's need give much consideration.

Why You Need A List To Date

Tuesday April 29, 2014

Everyone knows that going to the supermarket hungry and without a shopping list typically ends with a bagful of groceries that doesn't include the items you most needed. You'll empty your bag when you get home and wonder why you bought so much junk and so little real food.

Online dating is similar and if you don't have a shopping list of qualities and characteristics that you feel strongly you need in a partner you'll end up going on junk dates instead of substantive dates.

Opposites attract is the worst nonsense because core values and beliefs are non-negotiable.

Be your own best friend.If you make a short list of critical qualities and characteristics you need in a partner you'll narrow the field considerably, but that's the point. Shotgunning online dates isn't going to lead to a successful relationship.

To find the man or woman who most closely resembles your perfect partner you need to find a date who mirrors you in every possible way.


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