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Disability Management: Coping with Age-Related Impairments

Getting older doesn't stop us from enjoying life, but it might slow us down a little. Look here for information, news and resources for seniors on disability management and coping with age-related impairments.
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Free Talking Book Program Helps Vision-Impaired Readers
Learn about a talking book program that helps vision-impaired readers enjoy books and companionship through talking books and talking book clubs. Join the talking book program and expend your horizons.

Computer Tips for People with Disabilities
For people with disabilities of any sort, here are tips on how to adjust your computer's settings for greater accessibility.

Assistive Devices Offer Help for Hearing Loss
Information about assistive devices that help hearing impaired seniors communicate, and how assistive devices improve the quality of life for two seniors.

Eldercare Locator: Find State and Local Senior Services Agencies
If you are a senior, caregiver or professional who needs information on local, state and national senior services, Eldercare Locator can help.

Preventing and Coping with Disabilities
Disability rates may increase with age, but seniors can prevent or postpone disability through lifestyle changes ranging from better diet and more exercise to home modifications to avoid injuries. For those who do experience disabilities, new chronic care strategies are available.

Accessibility for Seniors: Assistive Listening Devices
Some seniors experience hearing loss and need additional assistance to hear the doorbell, phone and alarm clock. Jamie Berke, your Guide to Deafness/Hard of Hearing, offers insights from her own personal experience.

Computer Accessibility Tips for Microsoft Windows XP
If you are a Windows XP user, Microsoft has created an entertaining and informative list of tips for customizing your computer settings. These tips are designed to help mitigate age-related impairments in vision, hearing and dexterity.

Computer Accessibility Tips for Mac OS X
Apple has created a comprehensive list of accessible technology that is available with the Mac OS X, including keyboard navigation, visual and talking alerts, speech recognition and more.

Why Buy Disability Insurance?
For older adults, disability insurance can be more important than life insurance. Find out why disability insurance can be a lifesaver.

How to Decide If You Need Disability Insurance

How to Buy Disability Insurance
You've decided you need disability insurance. These handy disability insurance tips will help you save money and but the best disability insurance policy.

TeachParentsTech.org Answers Your Tech-Support Questions
The web site TeachParentsTech.org offers free how-to videos to help seniors and other computer users.

Multitasking and Seniors: Seniors Find Multitasking Harder Than Younger Adults
Multitasking seniors have more trouble juggling multiple tasks than younger adults due to changes that occur in their brains as they age, making multitasking seniors less nimble at switching rapidly between the neurological connections that make multitasking possible.

Socially Active Seniors Less Likely to Become Disabled
Staying socially active can help you remain free of disabilities in old age. Socially active seniors are much less likely to develop physical disabilities as they age.

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