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Aging Well: Aging with a Positive Attitude

Aging is inevitable, so why not enjoy the journey? Look here for aging advice, tips, and humor to make aging more enjoyable and more productive.

Life Lessons - What Are Your Favorite Life Lessons?
What life lessons have you learned? Life lessons, like being honest or being kind, are the important lessons we learned in life. These life lessons are words we live by and leave as our legacy to others. Share your life lessons with Senior Living readers.

Senior - What Do You Call Older Adults?
Senior? Elder? What's the best word for older adults? For some, "senior" means over the hill, but what's an alternative for senior? Senior Living readers speak out on what to call older adults.

Old Age - When do you think old age begins?
A survey shows that young and old people have different views about when old age begins--even men and women don't agree. Senior Living readers share when they think old age begins, and why.

When Does Old Age Begin?
What's the average consensus about when old age begins? Old age has different meanings for young and older adults. Even men and women don't agree about old age.

They Don't Make Insults Like They Used To
Great insults look easy but they're not. These clever insults, from people who insult with integrity, outshine today's 4-letter word insults.

Healthy Aging: 10 Tips for Staying Young
Healthy aging - Interested in healthy aging? Here's humorous advice about healthy aging, including 10 tips for staying young and making the most of your senior years.

Ageless Beauty: Sophia Loren Named Most Naturally Beautiful Person at 71
If you think beauty equals youth, think again. Sophia Loren was named the world's most naturally beautiful woman when she was nearly 72. Learn how you can develop your own ageless, natural beauty.

Funny Quotes and Humor for People Over 50
Funny Quotes and Humor for People Over 50 - Funny quotes and humor about life and getting older.

10 Secrets for Success: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
A study of successful people reveals 10 common traits that they share. These secrets for success help people reach their goals and turn their dreams into reality.

Celebrity Birthdays in December - Celebrities Over 50
Find out which 50+ celebrity birthdays are happening in December.

A New View of Old Age - A Time of Beauty, Creativity, and Dignity
It's time to rethink how we see old age. Here are keys to a successful and happy old age.

Positive Thinking Can Help Older Adults Feel Better, Longer
Positive thinking has power -- now researchers find that positive thinking can help to slow the onset of frailty in older adults.

AARP Magazine's 50 Hot People over 50
AARP Magazine released a list of 50 of the hottest people over age 50. Is your favorite on this list?

For Seniors: Books on Aging Well, with Good Health and a Positive Attitude
For seniors, the term "aging well" includes having a healthy body, an active mind, a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude. Here are some resources to help you along the aging process.

Are You Happy With Your Life?
Phylameana lila Désy, About Guide to Holistic Healing, considered this question -- and she discovered a heart desire she had hidden since childhood. How would you answer this question?

Humor: You Know You're Getting Old When...
Some days, it really helps to have a sense of humor...

Sex and Aging: Survey Finds Sexual Desire and Activity Important to Seniors
How do older adults feel about senior sex? Get the surprising results of a sex and aging study looking at senior sexual attitudes and behaviors from ages 57 to 85.

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