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How to Find Thousands of Senior Discounts

These Web sites specialize in good deals for older adults


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I have a friend who loves going to movies, but paid full price for months after his 62nd birthday because he didn’t like to think of himself as a “senior.” Once he realized how much money he could save, he changed his mind.

Looking for Senior Discounts? Start Here

  1. The very best senior discount is FREE, right? Start your senior discount search by checking out the free offers and deals that Lee Seats has found for you in About.com Freebies.
  2. Find shopping, travel, hotel and restaurant discounts, plus links to other offers, from Erin Huffstetler, About.com Guide to Frugal Living.
  3. If you don’t mind telling people that you qualify for senior discounts, seniordiscounts.com can be a good resource for saving on thousands of products and services including airlines, car rentals, travel, sports, recreation, shopping, restaurants, national parks, medical services, pharmacies, museums, and much more. The Web site also offers a free weekly newsletter that focuses exclusively on senior discounts. When you log on, search by your city, state, and the category you’re interested in. You’ll see a list that includes names and addresses, the amount of the senior discount, and the minimum age requirement.

    The down side to seniordiscounts.com is that to access all these senior discounts you have to pay for membership ($7.95 for Gold and $12.95 for Premium, details available on the Membership page). But Basic membership, which is free, entitles you to search for discounts in your area to decide if it's worth joining. If you can take advantage of the senior discounts they mention, you'll pay for your membership in no time.

  4. Make your own senior discounts. When you contact any company, don’t be afraid to ask about special offers, closeouts, or additional senior discounts that may be available.

Like my friend, once you see how much money you can save by admitting that you are a senior, you might find that you enjoy searching for your own senior discounts.

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