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4 Basic Senior Exercises

No matter what age you are, it's not too late to improve your strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. If you have been a couch potato but would like to improve your health, here are 4 basic senior exercises to get you started. And there's no need to join a gym...you can do these exercises at home.

Senior Exercise: Basic Knee Exercises for Healthy Knees
This how-to exercise series for beginners and older adults focuses on knee exercises. Strengthening your quad (thigh) muscles will help hold your kneecaps in place and support your knee joints.

4 Types of Exercise That Seniors Need
Exercise can benefit any body, at any stage of life. The National Institutes of Health recommends 4 types of exercise that will work different muscles groups in your body. To get you started, here are the 4 basic types of senior exercises you can do at home.

Strength Exercises for Seniors: Build Muscle, Increase Metabolism
How-To Series of strength exercises for seniors. Build muscle, improve muscle tone, and increase metabolism, which helps to keep weight and blood sugar in check.

Lower Body Exercise for Seniors: Improve Strength and Balance
Exercises that focus on the lower body also improve balance. Here are some simple lower body exercises from the NIH that you can do at home, and some simple exercises you can do anwhere.

Endurance and Cardio Exercises for a Healthy Heart
How-To Series on endurance and cardio exercises for seniors. Increasing your heart rate through exercise will improve cariovascular health and help you lose weight.

Stretching Exercises for Seniors: Increase Flexibility, Freedom of Movement
How-To Series of stretching exercises for seniors. Increasing your flexibility and freedom of movement will help you do more of the activities you enjoy.

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