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Knee Exercise: Strengthen Quads for Healthy Knees


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Knee Exercise: Leg Lifts
Warm up your knee joints by walking around awhile before you start this knee exercise.
  • Choose your location.
  • Beginners can do this knee exercise by sitting on the floor, or on a firm bed.
  • Make sure your back is well supported. Lean back on your hands, or against the headboard.
  • Place a pillow under your right knee.
  • Lift your right foot a few inches, and feel the back of your knee push into the pillow.
  • Hold for 10 seconds, then rest your leg.
  • Repeat this exercise until you feel a slight burning in the front of your leg. This knee exercise strengthens your quad muscle, which will help to support your kneecap and knee joint.
  • Repeat with the left leg, first placing the pillow under your left leg.
  • As with your right leg, hold for 10 seconds, then relax. Continue this knee exercise until you feel a slight burning in your quad muscle.

Do this knee exercise at least twice a day, increasing the number of leg raises as your quad muscles get stronger.

Note: When you can easily do this knee exercise for 3 minutes or more, you can add more resistance by sitting in a chair, straightening your leg and lifting it. Keep your leg straight while lifting, but do not lock the knee.

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