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Entertainment & Recreation for Seniors

Your senior years can provide wonderful opportunities to learn new skills, pursue new adventures, develop new passions or explore old ones. Look here for advice and resources to help seniors get the most out of life.

How Abbey Road Studios Became a National Historic Landmark
What will happen to Abbey Road Studios? After rumors of a sale, the famous Abbey Road Studios has been given national landmark status and may be home to more recording artists.

10 Free Activities for Older Adults
Many communities offer dozens of free activities for older adults on a budget - you just need to know where to look. This list of 10 free activities for older adults offers fun, socializing, and activities to exercise your brain. And the best part? They're free!

Free Activities for Older Adults - What Are Your Favorite Fre…
As an older adult, what are your favorite free activities, including free activities you enjoy by yourself and free activities you share with friends or family? Share your best free activities ideas with Senior Living readers.

Remembering Woodstock: A Profile of the Woodstock Music & Art Fair
A highlight of 1969, Woodstock is famous for music and as a legendary public event. Learn all about Woodstock in 1969--history, music, even the Woodstock disasters.

Drive-In Theater Memories - Senior Living Readers Share Their Favorit…
For many older adults, drive-in theaters have special memories. Senior Living readers share their favorite drive-in theater memories.

Drive-in Theater Makes a Comeback with Baby Boomers
Have fond memories of the drive-in theater? Drive-in theater is making a comeback, thanks to baby boomer nostalgia for the fun and romance of the drive-in theater.

Confused about Digital TV? Check Out Digital TV 101
The switch from analog TV to digital TV has many TV viewers confused. Digital TV 101, a simple guide to digital TV, takes the mystery and confusion out of digital TV.

7 Tips Every Consumer Should Know About Timeshare
Timeshare...vacation option or nightmare? Follow these timeshare tips to know if timeshare is right for you, and how to get the best timeshare deals.

Humor - Holiday Eating Tips
Follow these holiday eating tips to make the most of your holiday dining.

Senior Blogs Offer Mental Exercise and a Connection to the World
Senior blogs are growing in popularity, and senior blogs offer many benefits for seniors.

Retired? Time on Your Hands? Maybe You Can Answer These Questions…
Humor: These important life questions need answers. Please help if you can.

Senior Dating: 10 Great First Date Ideas
If you are dating again, or thinking about it, here are 10 great first date ideas to reduce the anxiety and increase the fun.

Senior Theater Groups Offer Self-Expression and Socializing
Thousands of seniors across the country have joined a growing new trend - senior theater. According to the author, the number of senior performing groups has grown more more than 600% in the past five years as people age 50+ get together for playreading and stage performances that offer self-expression, good times, and an opportunity to make new friends.

10 Great Movies About People Over 50
While much of our popular culture is aimed at younger audiences, there are a fair number of “mature” faces in the movies today. If you are in the mood to see a film that deals with the experiences of people over 50 and seniors, this list of 10 will get you started.

Top 10 Movies Grandparents and Grandchildren Can Enjoy Together
Looking for movies that will entertain the kids without leaving you bored? Check out this list of great films that will appeal to seniors and youngsters alike.

Top 10 Free Entertainment Ideas for Seniors
Many communities offer dozens of free entertainment options for seniors on a budget, including art galleries, museums, libraries, concerts, lectures, tours, book groups, discussion groups, ushering, theater, volunteer opportunities and more.

Learn to Sew
If you have time on your hands and the urge to be creative, learning to sew can keep you busy while you create new outfits, gifts and more.

Puzzles: Fun Way to Exercise Your Brain
Here’s a great way to keep your mind sharp and have fun at the same time! Every Saturday, About.com publishes a week’s worth of new crossword puzzles. Do them on your computer, or print them out and grab a pencil.

Learn to Draw
Unleash your creativity by learning to draw with this easy, step-by-step course from About.com.

The Joke's on Us!
Need a laugh? Get up-to-the-minute humor with the latest cartoons, comic strips, jokes and commentary from across the U.S. on the About.com Daily Feeding Frenzy.

So You Want to Be a Rock & Roll Star
If you find yourself listening to Classic Rock on the radio and singing along, then maybe it’s time to pick up a guitar and start making your own music. Learn dozens of easy-to-play songs from the 1960s.

Bio of Bonnie L. Vorenberg
bio of Bonnie L. Vorenberg, guest author for About.com Senior Living

Work-Camper Strategies: 5 Tips to Be a Successful Work-Camper
Considering a work-camper job? These five work-camper tips will help you find the best work-camper opportunity.

Road Trip: How to Avoid Stress, Fatigue and Pain on Your Next Road Trip
Planning a road trip? These tips will make your road trip more comfortable and fun.

Road Trip Tips: How to Avoid Stress, Fatigue and Pain on Your Next Road Trip
Planning a road trip? These road trip tips will make your road trip more comfortable and fun.

The Pain Of Aging Well Versus The Joy Of Being Alive
How we feel is as important as being alive and exercise and diet are the only useful ways to make healthy living a reality.

Over 50 And Single? Online Dating Works. Get Busy
Over 50s can't hope to bump into their life partners in a park or supermarket. Your true love is waiting for you online. Get busy.

I Lost A Best Friend Yesterday
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Sex Before or After Dinner?
Who gets to decide whether to have sex before dinner or after dinner? While this may be a mutual agreement that doesn't mean it always feels right.

Volunteering Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving
Volunteering is the greatest gift you can give, and while writing a check is cool, becoming personally involved is even cooler and a lot more personal.

A Stitch.net In Time
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How To Work Online Dating
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Single Women Over 50 Shouldn't Have to Suffer Fools
The numerical advantage over 50 single men have with women over 50 isn't relevant in terms of their behavior. And first date sex is about behavior.

What Boomer Men Can Learn From Boomer Women
Men's Groups

Senior Sex Is Sexy
Seniors think they're too old for sex. Nonsense, seniors can actually have better sex than when they were younger. We're older but we still crave intimacy.

5 Boomer First Date Mistakes
It's critical for a senior to avoid these 5 first date mistakes if you hope to make a positive and lasting first impression.

A Senior Couple's First Overnight Date
When both partners avoid expectations their first overnight date will be a success no matter the quality of their first sexual experience together.

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