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Exercise and Fitness Over 50

Whether you actively participate in a sport, join a gym, or just enjoy walking in your neighborhood, being active helps keep your body and mind at their best.
  1. Basic Exercise Series (6)

Dancing Tips: Four Steps to Take Before You Start Dancing
These dancing tips for older adults will help you get in shape for dancing; dancing tips to prepare for dancing.

Dancing Tips: Four Steps to Take Before You Start Dancing
Dancing is great exercise, and these dancing tips will help older adults get in shape for dancing.

Exercise - What's Your Favorite Place to Exercise?
Do you like to exercise at home, at a gym, or community center? Do you enjoy exercise by yourself or with others? Share your favorite places to exercise--perhaps you will inspire others to get fit.

Need Encouragement to Exercise? Get a Free Exercise & Physical Activity Book
Are you older and want encouragement to exercise? Get a free exercise book, with exercise tips, diet advice, sample exercises and an exercise log.

Knee Replacement Exercises: What's Safe?
Following a knee replacement, a 75-year old reader asks for the best knee replacement exercises to reduce a clicking sound in her new knee.

Why Stretching is Great For Older Adults
Learn the benefits of stretching for older adults, plus quick tips for stretching exercises from fitness expert Margaret Richard.

Margaret Richard: on Senior Fitness: As I See Fit
Fitness expert Margaret Richard describes how she stays fit into her 60's, with a combination of exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation.

10 Diet and Exercise Myths that Make It Harder to Lose Weight
Which diet and exercise myths are keeping you from reaching your weight goal? Learn which popular diet and exercise myths are false and can hinder your diet and exercise program.

Aging Gracefully: The Benefits of Exercise
Research shows that exercise helps people of all ages, including seniors. Here are a few benefits of exercise for seniors and people over 50.

Tips for Safe Senior Exercise
Some form of exercise will benefit everyone, at any age. Before you begin any senior exercise program, it’s important to follow these safety guidelines.

4 Types of Exercises That Seniors Need
Exercise can benefit any body, at any stage of life. To get started, here are 4 basic senior exercises you can do at home.

Exercise Tips for Baby Boomers
These exercise tips will help you avoid sports injuries. Designed for baby boomers, these exercise tips will help all older adults exercise more safely.

Physical Activity Improves Life Expectancy and Heart Health
A study shows that life expectancy and heart health increase in proportion to the amount of physical activity. Even moderate amounts of physical activity improve life expectancy and heart health in people 50 and older.

How to Start Doing Yoga
Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise for older adults. Yoga improves flexiblity, balance, and strength, and it reduces stress. You don't need to invest in a lot of equipment to enjoy yoga...and best of all, yoga is appropriate for just about everyone, at any age.

Books on Senior Fitness
No matter what your current level of activity, you can start a senior fitness program that suits your health and lifestyle. Being active is one of the keys to a healthier life.

Walk Your Way to Fitness
Recent studies have shown than walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise. Learn how you can start an effective walking program and stick with it.

Is it Safe to Exercise with a Sore Back?
Just because you hurt your back doesn't mean you have to forego exercise. Here's what to do when you're off to the gym with a sore back.

Exercise Helps Senior Depression
Feeling depressed? Start moving. According to a report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, aerobic exercise may be as effective as medication for treating depression—and it works faster.

Total Body Stretch for Seniors
This basic stretching workout will help you improve flexibility and balance, and increase your range of motion for better mobility.

Ten Tips for Reaching Your Physical Activity Goals
Did you know that not geting enough physical activity is a risk factor for cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke? Here are ten simple tips to help you get moving and reach your physical health.

Stay Fit at Home: Exercise Videos for Seniors
If you feel like working out without going out, take a look at this comprehensive list of exercise and dance videos designed for the special needs of seniors who want to stay fit.

Margaret Richard Bio
Senior Living bio of Margaret Richard, exercise and lifestyle expert for older adults.

The Pain Of Aging Well Versus The Joy Of Being Alive
How we feel is as important as being alive and exercise and diet are the only useful ways to make healthy living a reality.

National Doughnut Day
National Doughnut Day is a revolting holiday thrust on the American people by companies that don't care a whit about your health or well being.

The Pain Of Being Older And Alone
Growing older alone is hazardous to your physical and emotional health. There are many ways to change your loner status beginning today..

Senior Sex Is Sexy
Seniors think they're too old for sex. Nonsense, seniors can actually have better sex than when they were younger. We're older but we still crave intimacy.

Senior Sex Is A Touchy Topic
Senior sex is better than sex when we were younger. Sex is a waltz now rather than a steam driven piston. Slow dance sex can last all night.

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