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Being a grandparent is a special joy - and a responsibility. Here's information for grandparents that will help you make the most of this special relationship.

Readers Respond: Favorite Movies to Watch with Kids
It's fun to watch movies with kids; get movie suggestions for the best movies to watch with kids or grandkids.

10 Tips to Help Older Seniors Enjoy the Holidays
Make holidays more fun and joyful for older seniors with these tips to make seniors' holidays memorable, fun and healthy.

Great Gift Idea: Gift Baskets for Seniors
People love to gift baskets. Look here for creative gift basket ideas, plus tips to make gift baskets beautiful, useful and fun.

Grandparents Day Trivia
You may already know how and why Grandparents Day was created, but did you know Grandparents Day has an official flower and an official song? And what do highway signs in West Virginia have to do with National Grandparents Day?

.Sit Up Straight: Good Posture Increases Confidence
If you heard "sit up straight" when you were a kid, you probably thought it was to help you look better. Turns out, sitting up straight helps you feel better--about yourself.

All About Grandparents Day
National Grandparents Day was created by an act of Congress in 1978, but the idea for the annual observance honoring grandparents and other seniors really started with a West Virginia homemaker named Marian McQuade.

Fun Facts about Grandparents Day
Celebrate Grandparents Day. In honor of Grandparent’s Day, the U.S. Census Bureau has released these interesting statistics about grandparents.

Planting Your Family Tree
Interested in tracing your family tree, but not sure how to begin? Kimberly Powell, your Genealogy Guide at About.com, tells you how to get started and provides other great resources to help you on your way.

Plan Your Family Reunion
Make sure your next reunion is a pleasure, not a pain, by following these 18 steps for creating a successful and memorable gathering.

Long Distance Grandparenting
Grandchildren can be a great joy, but when your grandchildren live in another town - or across the country - it can be hard to stay connected and feel that you are making a contribution to their lives. In an online article called, “Long Distance Grandparenting” AARP offers useful information and suggestions for staying close to your grandchildren, even when you live far apart.

Grandparents Magazine: Free Subscription
Grandparents Magazine is a free online publication especially for grandparents that offers articles, games, product reviews and information on grandparent rights.

Bringing Up Grandchildren
An increasing number of seniors are finding themselves serving as substitute parents to their grandchildren. If you're raising your grandkids, you're not alone. Find out what's behind this growing trend, and get tips for coping with the stresses and amplifying the joys of parenthood the second time around.

Giving and Receiving Elder Care Changes Family Dynamics
Nearly one in four U.S. households are providing care for a relative or friend age 50 or older. A series of 10 articles by the Federal Trade Commission and AARP details many of the issues and challenges that seniors and their families must work through together.

Resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Grandparents raising grandchildren is a growing trend in the United States, but there are many resources and benefits available for grandparents...

A Grandfather And 3 Generations
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