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Assisted Living in 20 Years: What Does the Future Hold?

Here's what baby boomers will see when they're ready for assisted living


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When baby boomers are ready for assisted living, those services will look much different than they do now, says Craig Smith, a longtime senior housing advisor, in an interview with Michael Braga, staff writer at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Here are highlights of the interview:

  • Retirement housing in 20 years will look, feel and operate much differently than they have in the past.
  • Assisted living residents will demand significant involvement in management or governance of assisted living facilities. They will also expect to participate in decisions regarding programs, services and direct care.
  • Assisted living residences will likely be smaller, modular clusters closely linked with specialized suppliers and service providers.
  • Technology will play a key role in the management of assisted living facilities, and in helping residents perform daily tasks and activities:

    • Assisted living facilities will have remote sensing and other types of monitoring to help staff ensure that residents are well and that safety is maintained.
    • Tasks that are difficult for individuals to perform will be automated, for example opening doors or turning lights on and off.

    • Residents of assisted living facilities will be easily able to alert caregivers if they need help.
    • Auditory or visual prompts will be available for assisted living residents who need help remembering or completing tasks.
  • Interactive devises, including appliances, monitoring and entertainment systems, will be wired to provide easier or automated access.
  • “Patterning systems” will emerge to provide better monitoring of body temperature, pulse rate, weight and weight fluctuation, and body chemistry patterns.
  • Medical records will be continuously updated, and prescriptions will be automatically reviewed to alert staff for contraindications and drug interactions.
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