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Nursing Home Compare: Nursing Home Perfomance Ratings

Learn about every Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing home


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Nursing Home Compare, provided by the U.S. government Medicare office, offers information on the performance of nursing homes that are Medicare or Medicaid certified.

Readers are advised:

  • The nursing homes listed all provide skilled nursing care
  • Many other types of facilities also offer health care and assistance with daily living activities, and they may not be listed here because there are reputable nursing homes that choose not to participate in Medicare or Medicaid
  • Performance ratings are based on a state inspector’s judgment of how well each nursing home meets minimum federal Medicare and Medicaid requirements
  • The inspection process does not identify nursing homes that provide outstanding service, so it’s up to you to investigate further to find the best available nursing home in your area. For help, see How to Find the Right Nursing Home.
  • Information is available in English and Spanish

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