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Looking for Friendship?

Here is a Great Way to Meet New People


Making social connections and having the opportunity to meet new people are important to your quality of life. When you meet new people you increase your chances for making friendships and connections that provide companionship, intellectual stimulation, humor, support, and joy.

And research now shows that friendship actually increases your longevity.

Meetup.com has groups in more than 40 countries, but it is designed to help people make local connections and meet new people who share similar interests.

The Meetup Web site provides information on thousands of special interest groups, so it’s easy to find a topic that interests you.

What Does Meetup Do?
Meetup Groups help people:

  • Meet new people who share their interests
  • Become involved in their communities
  • Learn, teach, and share with each other
  • Make new friends and have a good time

How Does Meetup.com Work?
Each Meetup Group shares a cause or interest and meets face-to-face on a regular schedule (at least once a month). These meetings are open to everyone, and are a great way to meet new people who share your particular interest.

There are thousands of local Meetup Groups for thousands of interests, and more than one million people worldwide have joined local Meetup Groups.

Here’s just a sample of available topics:

  • Politics
  • Languages
  • Pets
  • Games
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Hobbies
  • Travel
  • Books
  • Technology

…and many more. You really have to see the list to know how many different topics there are, and how many different ways you have to meet new people who share your specific interests.

What Happens at a Meetup Group?
Meetups are usually informal, and are open to anyone who is interested in the topic—friends are welcome. Most Meetups happen at restaurants, cafés, or public parks, and some groups meet in offices or private homes.

There will often be a printed sign to help you find the Meetup Group. The Organizer will welcome members, and group members and visitors take a few minutes to introduce themselves.

Some Meetups are based around activities—like knitting or foreign language practice.

Others focus on organizing for a cause like helping to elect a political candidate or planning a local event.

At other Meetups, people share information and stories, such as a shared health condition or what it’s like to be new in town. There are thousands of options to meet new people.

How to find a Meetup Group
Meetup makes it easy to meet new people who share your interests:

  • Go to Meetup.com
  • Search on a topic, and enter your zip code, postcode or city.
  • You will see a list of the Meetup groups that are closest to you. Click on a name to learn more about group members and find out about the next event.
  • Attend the group and meet new people!

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