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Money Management: Financial Advice for Baby Boomers and Seniors

Whether you're a baby boomer planning for retirement, a senior living on a fixed income, or anyone looking for better returns on your investments, here is information that can help you reach your financial goals.
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9 Things You Can Do Now to Ensure a Better Retirement
If retirement is looming and you're not ready, these 9 ideas will help you ensure a better retirement.

How to Transform Your Spare Room into Spare Change
Have spare room in your home? Here's how to turn unneeded spare rooms into spare cash.

High Gas Prices Cause Hardships for Majority of Americans
High gas prices are creating financial hardships and forcing significant lifestyle changes for a majority of Americans. Find out how high gas prices may be changing your life in ways you don't even realize.

How to Get Free Credit Reports
Want free annual credit reports? Beward of imposters--here's how to get truly free annual credit reports, recommended by the US government.

Baby Boomers Not to Blame for Rising Health Care Costs
Baby boomers are blamed for rising health care costs, but other factors actually cause health care costs to rise. Find out what's causing health care costs to rise.

A Beginner’s Guide to Regifting
Is regifting (giving someone a gift that someone else gave you) a bad thing? If you follow these simple rules for regifting, regifting can actually be good for everyone.

How to Use Free Credit Reports to Manage Your Money and Avoid Identity Theft
Criminals often target seniors for identity theft and other financial scams. One way seniors and other consumers can guard against identity theft is to order free credit reports and review them regularly to watch for any unauthorized activity that may signal identity theft has occurred. Learn how to order your free credit reports, and how you can use them to manage your money and proect yourself against identity theft.

Free Tax Help & Filing for Low- and Middle-Income Taxpayers
How to get free tax help and free tax return filing for low income and middle income taxpayers. Special tax help for seniors and people with disabilities.

Retirement Planning - What Recent Retirees Wish They Had (or Hadn’t) Done
When it comes to retirement planning, most retirees wish they had done more retirement planning. Check these retirement planning tips from retirees.

Consumer Protection: Get Free Information to Protect Yourself from Fraud
How to get free consumer protection information; protect your

How to Find the Best Online Pharmacy
Is it true that an online pharmacy can save you money on prescription drugs? Yes, and here's how to find the best prices from reputable online pharmacy companies.

Seniors Choose Canada Prescription Drugs Over Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
Why many seniors choose Canada prescription drugs over the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

Health Care Insurance Crisis: What Bothers Baby Boomers, and What Can Be Done?
Health care is a big issue for baby boomers, as rising health care costs, inadequate health care coverage and increased health problems face baby boomers headed for retirement. Suggested health care solutions.

Consolidate Retirement Funds for Easier Money Management
Simplify your money management by combining several retirement fund accounts into one. Benefits and options for consolidating retirement funds into one IRA.

6 Tips to Avoid Credit-Card Late Fees
Credit card late fees have tripled in the past 10 years, as credit-card companies make up for lower interest rates. Here are 6 tips to help you avoid credit card late fees and save your credit rating.

Credit-Card Late Fees - How Much Will It Really Cost You?
Credit-card late fees have nearly tripled between 1994 and 2004, as credit-card companies make up for lower interest rates. You may be surprised to learn all the different ways it could cost you to make even one late payment.

6 Tips to Avoid Scams
Follow these 6 simple tips to avoid being the victim of a scam.

Plan for Retirement
With retirement just around the corner, managing your money in your 50s and 60s requires a different set of skills and priorities than it did when you were younger. Learn more about setting new financial goals, assessing investment risk, and planning for retirement.

Creating Your Financial Safety Net
All of your carefully laid financial plans can go up in smoke if you or your spouse die unexpectedly, experience a catastrophic illness, or develop a serious disability. Learn how you can build a financial safety net to protect your assets no matter what happens.

101 Ways to Save Money
Benjamin Franklin said, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” and it’s still good advice. For tips on how to keep more of your hard-earned cash, check out the 101 Ways to Save Money series of articles by Deborah Fowles, your Guide to Financial Planning on About.com.

Tips for Talking About Money
Money is a difficult subject for many couples. If you and your partner avoid talking about money, these tips from a financial planning expert can help.

Applying for Social Security Retirement Benefits
Ready to retire? Here's how to apply for Social Security retirement benefits, from the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Scams: Why Older Adults May Be More Vulnerable
A test concluded that older adults are 10 times more likely to remember misleading hints, making them more vulnerable to scams and scam artists.

How Economic Security Service Centers Help Low-Income Seniors
Learn how Economic Security Service Centers help seniors achieve financial security, and where to find an Economic Security Service Center.

Why Buy Disability Insurance?
For older adults, disability insurance can be more important than life insurance. Find out why disability insurance can be a lifesaver.

How to Decide If You Need Disability Insurance

How to Buy Disability Insurance
You've decided you need disability insurance. These handy disability insurance tips will help you save money and but the best disability insurance policy.

Disability Insurance Basics
Are you wondering if you should buy disability insurance? What's your risk of having an injury or illness that will make it hard for you to continue working? How much income do you need each month to live comfortably? Find out how disability insurance works, if disability insurance is right for you, and the best ways to buy disability insurance.

Smaller Packaging is Hurting Household Budgets
Many packaged goods manufacturers are reducing the size of their packaging and their product contents, which lowers their costs but gives consumers less value for their money. Smaller packaging is undermining household budgets.

Helping Seniors with Retirement and Financial Planning
A concerned daughter-in-law asks for advice about helping seniors in her family who are in denial about retirement and financial planning for the future.

Debit Card Fees Charge Customers for Spending Their Own Money
To replace lost retailer revenue, big banks initiate debit card fees, paid by customers.

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