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Marriage & Divorce for Seniors

How do the issues of aging, retirement and health affect a marriage? And how do seniors cope when a marriage ends? Look here for information and resources specifically chosen for seniors.
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Married Couples Now Less Than Half of U.S. Households
Married couples represent less than half of U.S. households for the first time in American history, according to the 2010 census. Between 1950 and 2010, the number of American households headed by married couples dropped 30 percentage points.

5 Reasons to Get Married Over 50
Why get married over 50? Singles and unmarried couples now outnumber married couples in the U.S., but there are still plenty of good reasons for couples to get married over 50. Here are five reasons to get married over 50.

Can Fear of Marriage Be Cured?
She has fear of marriage, he's ready for marriage. Learn what this older couple can do to work through a fear of marriage.

Good Marriages Help Widows and Widowers Avoid Depression
Good marriages offer benefits even after a spouse has died. Learn how a good marriage helps widows and widowers avoid depression.

Over 50 Sexuality
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Men Are Only As Faithful As Their Opportunities
Are men really only as faithful as their opportunities? No. This glib statement doesn't describe most men.

You Need A List To Date
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Did Your Parents Have Sex On Mothers Day?
Everyone knows their parents have sex but for some reasons most of us find that a repulsive thought that we stuff down instead of celebrating.

Take Inventory Before Dating
Taking inventory after a breakup allows time for reflection and then healing. It's not a process to be rushed.

Why Men Need Friends
Maybe men can't live by bread alone, but they also can't live without friends. Guys who lone wolf it are missing the joy that is authentic friendship.

Family Roles Are Changing
It takes two hardworking parents to raise children today. Economic changes have increased a father's role in that effort in the past few decades.

5 Questions For Seniors To Ask On A First Date
Senior dating isn't about throwing darts at online profiles. It's about finding a life partner who shares your core values and beliefs nearly exactly.

Dating And Sex Don't Always Go Together
Senior men can develop new skills that allow them to relate to women on an emotional level. They can learn these skills best with other men.

Boomer Women Shouldn't Give Up On Dating
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A Stitch.net In Time
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How To Work Online Dating
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Resolving Senior Sexual Issues
Sexual timing for a senior couple is as problematic as with younger couples. A man's sexual needs dominate his every thought, but a woman's may not.

Interview with Mars/Venus' John Gray
John Gray breaks relationship ground again. His new book, Staying Focused in a Hyper World delves into how brain chemistry affects relationships.

The #1 Boomer Relationship Mistake
It's not hard to derail a relationship when couples make the #1 mistake, but not everyone knows what that mistake is or when they're making it.

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