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Top 3 Online Dating Site Reviews

These popular online dating sites appeal to older adults


Someone once said that dating is a numbers game. And while that doesn’t sound very romantic, it’s often true.

In high school and college, there were lots of people our age, everyone was single, and we had many interests in common. As we get older, our choices of potential mates are often limited by where we live and work, our spiritual and recreational interests...and fix-ups from friends or relatives.

Online dating brings together people who share similar interests, age ranges and beliefs, but who might never meet by chance.

Learn how these popular online dating sites work, what they cost, and the pros and cons of each.

Online Dating Site Review: Match.com
Online dating is becoming very popular with older adults, and Match.com is one of the oldest online dating sites. This Match.com review explains what Match.com offers, and the pros and cons of using Match.com for online dating.

Online Dating Site Review: Senior Friend Finder
More and more, older adults are finding companionship and love online. But where do you begin? This Senior Friend Finder review gives you the costs, benefits, and special features of Senior Friend Finder, one of the most popular senior online dating sites on the Internet.

Online Dating Site Review: eHarmony
What's the buzz about eHarmony? The site claims to take the guesswork out of matchmaking by using a scientific approach to help people find not only good matches and potential mates, but soul mates. How does eHarmony work? Find out here, and learn the pros and cons of eHarmony.

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