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Can a Holiday Romance Last a Lifetime?

Maybe not, but holiday romance sure can be fun


Many single people—from students to baby boomers—consider holiday romance an enticing, if not essential, part of a perfect summer holiday. No wonder so many people on holiday feel that love is in the air as soon as their car leaves the garage or their plane leaves the tarmac.

But for most summer lovers the joy is short-lived, because the majority of holiday romances last less than a week, according to a survey of 2,000 people in Great Britain.

Nearly nine in 10 holiday romances end within one week, with the average duration being just three days, according to the survey commissioned by Sky Travel.

Holiday Romance is Popular
The majority of people surveyed said they had experienced at least one holiday romance, and nearly half said that being on holiday was a powerful aphrodisiac that made it easier to fall in love. Apparently, returning to the reality of everyday life had the opposite effect.

Holiday Romance: True Love or Passing Fancy?
Chances are true love may require a little more than spectacular scenery, the alluring scent of sunscreen, and someone to share it with for a few days. But that’s no reason to walk away from a holiday romance if it feels right.

Taking a Chance on Love with a Holiday Romance
If you manage to beat the odds for holiday romance, then for the rest of your life you will have a great story about where and how you met the person of your dreams. If your holiday romance follows the usual trend and ends after just a few days, you will still end up with some great memories.

Either way, following your heart is what travel is all about.

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