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Online Dating Site Review: Match.com

Match.com Review

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With more than 15 million members, Match.com is one of the largest general interest dating sites on the Internet and one of the most successful at bringing people together. The staff at Match.com calculates that every year more than 200,000 people find the person they were seeking by using Match.com. And Match.com reports that people 50 and older represent its fastest growing user segment.

Match.com Overview

Founded in 1995, Match.com offers many user-friendly features to make online dating easy, rewarding and fun, whether you are a newcomer or a veteran. The large number of Match.com members increases your chances of finding many more interesting matches close to home, and allows you to be as selective as you choose to be when looking for matches on Match.com.

Having a large membership also makes Match.com a good choice for baby boomers and seniors. Even though Match.com is open to people in every age group, Match.com (like many online dating sites) allows you to restrict your search to people within a certain age range. You will usually find a good selection of potential matches that are close to your age, but with Match.com, as with any online dating site, the size of the geographical area you choose will affect the number of potential matches you will find.

Match.com claims to have "inspired twice as many marriages as any other site in the world." According to the Match.com web site: “We are a personals site making your online dating experience the best. We prove that an online dating personals site can really lead to a long-lasting sincere relationship."

How Much Does it Cost to Join Match.com?

It is free to post a profile, browse and search for matches on Match.com. This is a good way to ease into online dating, because it lets you get a feel for what kind of people are on Match.com looking for potential matches, and gives you an idea of what kind of potential matches you could make -- before you pay a membership fee.

If you see someone you would like to contact, however, you have to be a paying subscriber. Joining Match.com will also let you take advantage of the full range of services available on the site. Match.com offers a variety of subscription packages and discounts to meet the diverse needs of its members. A basic, one-month subscription costs $29.99.

How Safe is Match.com?

Match.com has a well-deserved reputation for protecting member privacy and for going the extra mile to make using Match.com as safe and worry-free as possible for Match.com members.

According to Match.com, “What happens at Match.com stays at Match.com. We use a double-blind email system to preserve your privacy. It replaces your real email address with your username and "talkmatch" domain (ex: sportsgirl@talkMatch.com), then forwards your messages to the members you’re emailing.”

All other forms of communication between members on Match.com, such as instant messaging, video and audio also have built-in features that allow members to remain anonymous.

Match.com reviews all profiles and photos before they are posted to make sure they are appropriate and free of suggestive or profane images and language.

Bottom line: Use the same caution and common sense with Match.com that you would in any dating situation when you’re first getting to know someone.

Pros and Cons of Match.com

Special features of Match.com:
  • Match.com offers a free online magazine called Happen, “because love doesn’t come with instructions,” which provides articles and advice on relationships, dating, sex and romance, along with special features such as reader polls.
  • Match.com offers a handy keyword search called MatchTalk, making it easier to find people who share your interests or meet your criteria. Want someone who likes hiking and foreign films? Search those keywords to find Match.com profiles containing both terms.
  • Match.com offers wireless dating with Match.com Mobile, allowing members to use mobile phones for anonymous and secure wireless matching and online dating services.
  • Match.com now offers a 6-month guarantee: if you don't find someone special in 6 months, they will give you 6 months free.

Potential drawbacks of Match.com:

  • While searching the Match.com site for this review, I was unable to find a list of membership levels and fees, so you'll have to register before you find out about the Match.com membership options and costs.
  • Match.com profiles vary widely; some members take the time to write thoughtful introductions that tell you about themselves, and some don't. This doesn't mean they're bad people, but you might have to work harder at communication.
  • Are you a computer novice? Don't let the instant messaging, video and audio options scare you off. Plain old email works just fine.

If you choose to register with Match.com, consider this advice: Be honest in your profile, treat people with respect, and if you don’t find the perfect match, try another online dating site.

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