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How to Enjoy Sexuality Despite Chronic Pain


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How Chronic Pain Erodes Sexual Pleasure
A healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship with someone you love can be one of life’s greatest joys and most rewarding pleasures, but chronic pain from an illness or injury can undermine intimacy, steal your joy, and make sexual pleasure a distant memory.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Your sexuality is a natural expression of both physical and emotional intimacy, and it’s a big part of your identity as a man or woman. While sexual intercourse is certainly one way to express your sexuality, there are many others.

How Chronic Pain Erodes Sexual Pleasure
Chronic pain can neutralize or destroy the pleasures of sexuality and leave you feeling isolated and cut off from the person you love most. It doesn’t matter whether the pain is permanent and progressive from a disease such as arthritis, or the temporary result of surgery or injury.

When chronic pain becomes a fact of your life, you may not feel like pursuing your usual interests, sharing your thoughts and feelings, or having close contact of any kind.

You may start to feel that your pain, or the condition that is causing it, has made you less sexy and less desirable to your partner. And that feeling is sometimes reinforced by other pain-related changes.

For example, chronic pain may cause you and your partner to sleep in different rooms or separate beds, or to otherwise change your sleeping arrangements as you try to get comfortable and avoid disturbing your partner.

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