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What You Need to Know About Social Security

Social Security is a hot topic these days. The Social Security Fund is in jeopardy, and the program needs to be reformed. What are the problems with Social Security, and what can be done to solve them?
  1. Future of Social Security (11)

Social Security Update: Highlights from the 2009 Social Security Trus…
Details from the 2009 Social Security Trustees Report, and what it means for your Social Security benefits. Social Security estimated to run out of funds faster than previous reports.

How Social Security Works
Learn the basics about Social Security benefits, and a simple explanation of how Social Security works.

How Will the Recession Affect Your Social Security Benefits?
Because of the recession, predictions for Social Security benefits include no cost-of-living adjustments for two years. Learn how Social Security benefits will change in the next few years.

Recession Causing Boomers to Claim Social Security Benefits Early
Learn how the recession is affecting Social Security benefits, causing more boomers to apply for Social Security benefits early.

Social Security Benefits - When Will You Apply for Social Sec…
When is the best age to apply for Social Security benefits? Is it better to collect Social Security benefits as early as possible, or wait a few years to receive a larger Social Security benefits check each month? When do you plan to apply?

Obama Budget Request for 2010: Strengthen Social Security
How Obama's 2010 budget request could strengthen Social Security with staffing, services and a more secure future for Social Security.

Social Security Makes “Compassionate Allowances” for People with ...
Need Social Security disability benefits? Learn about a new program that gets people enrolled for Social Security disability benefits faster.

How to Apply for Social Security Benefits Online
How to complete the Social Security benefits application online and avoid long lines at your Social Security office.

Barack Obama on Social Security
Where does Obama stand on key Social Security issues--Social Security privatization, raising the retirement age, cutting Social Security benefits and the payroll tax cap.

Obama on Social Security: Raise Retirement Age or Cut Social Security Benefits?
What are the Obama vs John McCain views on raising the Social Security retirement age or cutting Social Security benefits? Compare Obama vs McCain on Social Security benefits.

Obama on Social Security: Eliminate the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap?
Where does Barack Obama stand on the Social Security payroll tax cap? Learn Obama's views on the Social Security payroll tax cap.

Obama on Social Security: Should Social Security Be Privatized?
Where does President-elect Obama stand on Social Security privatization? Get Barack Obama's views on Social Security privatization.

Social Security COLA to Give Seniors Biggest Pay Raise Since 1982
In 2009, retirees and other Social Security beneficiaries will receive a 5.8 percent cost-of-living increase in their monthly benefits--the largest annual Social Security COLA since 1982.

Should You Apply for Social Security Benefits at Age 62or Later?
What's your best age to apply for Social Security benefits? Find out with the Social Security Benefits Break-Even Age Calculator.

Social Security Announces 2.3 Percent Benefit Increase for 2008
Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits for nearly 54 million Americans will increase 2.3 percent in 2008 to keep pace with changes in the Consumer Price Index. The maximum amount of taxable earnings will also increase, which will result in higher taxes for roughly 12 million Americans.

Get Free Publications About Social Security Benefits
Have questions about Social Security benefits? Get basic Social Security information plus how to prevent Social Security fraud and get help with Medicare prescription drug costs in these free Social Security benefits publications.

Why is Social Security Called the Third Rail of American Politics?
Social Security - Learn why politicians call Social Security the third rail of American politics.

What is a Third Rail?
Learn what a third rail is, with a link to why Social Security is called the third rail of politics.

How to Estimate Your Future Social Security Benefits
Easy to use Social Security benefits calculators show you how much Social Security benefits you will receive based on estimated income and number of years you work.

2006 Social Security Trustees Report: No Good News
The 2006 Social Security Trustees Report has been release and the news is slightly worse than last year. Get the details on Social Security here, plus links to related Social Security news and information.

Hurricane Politics: Disaster Relief and Social Security
Thought-provoking commentary about Bush administration using disaster relief costs to further justify privatization of Social Security.

Social Security Trustees Report: The Future of Social Security
In its 2004 report to Congress, the Board of Trustees of the Social Security Trust Funds warns that Social Security won't be solvent much longer unless changes are made soon. By 2018, Social Security will be forced to dip into the trust funds to pay benefits, and by 2042 the trust funds will be exhausted and the program will be out of money and unable to meet its obligations.

Bush Social Security Plan will Increase Budget Deficit
The Bush Social Security privatization plan: will it solve Social Security's problems as it increases the budget deficit?

Study Says Bush Social Security Plan Would Help Banks, Hurt Seniors
A study says Bush plan for Social Security privatization would help financial institutions at the expense of seniors. Senior groups have issued statements criticizing the plan.

Social Security Recipients Warned of Scams
The Social Security Administration has warned recipients to be alert to scams that are surfacing throughout the United States. Get the details from Robert Longley, About Guide to US Gov Info/Resources.

Can You Work and Collect Social Security Benefits at the Same Time?
Can you work and collect Social Security benefits at the same time? For many seniors and baby boomers who have been forced to modify their retirement plans, and who want to collect all the Social Security benefits they have coming while continuing to bring home a paycheck, this is a serious financial and lifestyle question.

U.S. Adopts Electronic Payments for Social Security and Other Benefits
The U.S. Treasury is switching from paper checks to electronic payments for Social Security and other government benefits. New recipients will be required to choose electronic payments starting May 1, 2011; other recipients will have to make their choice by March 1, 2013.

Improper Government Payments Cost Taxpayers Billions
Billions of dollars in xcess payments by the Social Security Administration and other government agencies add up to a windfall for some Americans, but a big loss for taxpayers overall.

Does New AARP Stance on Social Security Serve Seniors and Baby Boomers?
When AARP changed its long-held position on Social Security, and agreed to consider raising the retirement age and other reforms that would cut benefits for seniors, many of its members were left wondering just whose interests AARP represents.

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