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Obama on Social Security

What Barack Obama says about three key Social Security issues


Social Security Cards
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Barack Obama advocates a bipartisan approach that would bring together Democrats and Republicans to develop a workable solution to the problems that plague Social Security.

Three central questions define possible changes that could make Social Security more solvent. The following links will help you understand where Barack Obama stands on these key Social Security issues:

Obama on Social Security: Should Social Security be Privatized?
Would Social Security privatization (partially funding Social Security through voluntary private investment accounts) be a solid solution, or does it put Social Security benefits at risk to the vagaries of the stock market?

Obama on Social Security: Should the Social Security Payroll Tax Cap be Eliminated?
The current Social Security payroll tax cap mandates that people pay Social Security tax on only the first $102,000 they earn per year. Removing the cap would increase the amount of Social Security tax that wealthy people pay. How does Barack Obama feel about this issue?

Obama on Social Security: Raise the Retirement Age or Cut Social Security Benefits?
You've probably noticed that the standard retirement age for Social Security has creeped up a bit over the years. How do Obama and McCain feel about raising the retirment age even higher--or reducing the amount of paid benefits--to keep more money in the Social Security fund?

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