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Travel Smart

Travel can be one of life’s great pleasures at any age, whether you're a baby boomer or a senior. Here's where to look for information on travel for older adults, including whether you're going alone or with a group, taking a well worn path or the road less travelled. But knowing how to travel safely, affordably and efficiently is just as important as deciding where you want to go.
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Work-Campers: Footloose Retirees Trade Time for Space at Parks and C…
Some 80,000 U.S. retirees are work-campers. Work-campers supplement their incomes and travel expenses by trading work for camping space and, sometimes, salaries at private campgrounds, state parks, and wildlife refuges nationwide.

How to Find the Best Work Camping Jobs
Are you a work camper looking for a great work-camping job? Here's how you can find the best work-camping jobs in the United States.

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