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How to Rent an RV

RV rentals are a great way to try RV travel


There are many advantages to renting an RV. For first-time travelers, RV rental allows families to enjoy the fun, freedom and comfort of RV travel without making a big financial commitment.

If you already love RV travel and are thinking about purchasing your own RV, try renting one or more RV models you are interested in, to see how they feel with your traveling companions on board and your gear stowed inside.

What kinds of RVs are available for rent?
RV rental companies offer a variety of sizes and styles, from pop-up campers you tow behind a car or truck to conversion vans, travel trailers and motor homes.

The most popular RV rental is the Class C motor home, which is comfortable, compact and easy to drive. Approximately 20 to 28 feet long, these motor homes sleep six and offer beds, toilet and shower facilities, heat and air conditioning, and kitchens with refrigerators and microwaves.

Where can I look for RV rentals?
Hundreds of RV rental companies nationwide offer late-model, fully furnished RVs, and many campgrounds offer on-site RV rentals.

What can I expect from an RV rental company?
Make sure you understand the RV rental company’s rules and requirements before you sign the contract:

  • Make sure you are working with a reputable RV rental company.
  • Ask for a copy of the RV rental requirements regarding security deposits and cancellation policies/fees.
  • Make sure the RV rental contract includes full documentation on RV rental fees, mileage rates and miscellaneous fees including prep, cleaning, reservation, housekeeping kits and generators.
  • Ask for a copy of the RV rental company’s policy regarding reimbursement for mechanical breakdowns, including personal expenses.

Where can I travel with my RV rental?
Depending on your destination, you arrange for an RV rental in your area and drive to your vacation spot, or fly to your vacation destination and rent an RV from a dealer in that area.

Many RV rental agencies in popular locations offer fly/drive packages, so check before you travel.

And don’t assume you are limited to North American travel. RV rentals are becoming more popular in Europe and other locations around the world.

What is required for an RV rental?
RV rental agencies require proof of age, and minimum age requirements can vary by state so check with agencies in your area.

Also required are a valid driver’s license and (often) a major credit card.

What if I am new to RV rental…and RV travel?
Don’t worry, every RV traveler has to start somewhere! Most RV rental companies offer test drives and tips to help inexperienced drivers feel comfortable behind the wheel, and RVs now include automatic transmissions, power steering and power brakes.

What supplies do I need to bring for my RV rental?
Bring your own bedding (check with the rental company for bed sizes) and towels.

Most rental companies offer “housekeeping” packages that you can rent in addition to the RV, which include pots and pans, dishes and silverware.

What kind of insurance do I need for my RV rental?
If you already have an auto insurance policy, your RV rental may be covered, but don’t assume it is. Check with your insurance agent to see if you need to add an RV rental rider on your auto policy or if you need to purchase additional RV coverage from the RV rental company.

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