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RV Travel: Should You Rent or Buy Your RV?

Knowing the pros and cons can help you make the best RV decision


RV travel is a great way to go if you love to travel, enjoy driving, and have a flexible schedule.

The benefits of RV travel

  • An RV lets you travel at your own pace.
  • You always have a comfortable and often luxurious “suite” to stay in, without the hassle and expense of checking in and out of hotels.
  • Having your own RV kitchen can help you save on food costs by making your own meals.
  • An RV gives you the freedom to choose how long you stay at each location.

Now that you are interested in RV travel, the question is: should you rent or buy the RV?

Answering these questions will help you make the RV decision that best fits your budget and your lifestyle.

  1. Are you experienced at RV travel?
    If you are new to RV travel, consider renting. Most RV rental companies will provide tips and even driving lessons for RV beginners.

    If you are an experienced RV traveler, buying gives you the freedom to customize your RV to fit your needs.

  2. How long/how often will you be traveling by RV?
    If your schedule allows limited travel time, a single trip of less than 6 months or a few shorter trips, you may want to consider renting an RV because if you own your RV you will have to pay storage, maintenance and insurance costs even when you aren’t traveling.

    If you plan to be on the road most of the time, buying an RV may be more cost-effective in the long run.

  3. Where will you be traveling with your RV?
    If your travel plans center around North America, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, owning your RV makes sense. You can buy a new or used RV model that has the features you want, and you are free to travel as you wish.

    If you would like to travel by RV in Europe and other parts of the world, you will most likely be renting because shipping your RV abroad could be cost-prohibitive.

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