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Urinary Incontinence: Diagnosis and Treatment Information

Many older men and women have urinary incontinence, but there's hope


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Urinary incontinence is a common problem for men and women over age 65. According to the National Institute on Aging, at least one in 10 adults over 65 have a problem with urinary incontinence, also known as overactive bladder.

To help you understand urinary incontinence—what causes it and what can be done to treat it—I’ve gathered information and resources about urinary incontinence from About.com and U.S. government health sites.

  • What is Urinary Incontinence?

    Detailed information about the five types of urinary incontinence: stress incontinence, urge incontinence, overflow incontinence, functional incontinence and mixed incontinence. You’ll also find an easy-to-understand description about urinary function—what’s normal and what’s not.

  • Health Risks of Obesity: Incontinence

    Find out how your weight affects urinary incontinence.

  • Does Menopause Affect Bladder Control?

    Information and tips especially for older women about the prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence, and how to increase bladder control.

  • What Causes Male Urinary Incontinence?

    Prostate problems, injury, disease, and infections are just a few of the possible causes of male urinary incontinence. Get the facts about urinary incontinence in men.

  • National Institute on Aging: Urinary Incontinence Prevention

    Have you heard of Kegel exercises to strengthen the bladder muscles? Here’s a description of Kegels and how they can help you. Also, you’ll find contact information for associations that provide support for people with urinary incontinence.

  • National Association for Continence

    In English and Spanish, you’ll find a wide range of information about bladder and bowel incontinence including a diagnosis quiz, treatment and product information, and support.

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