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Vacation Ideas for Older Adults

These vacation ideas offer adventure travel and travel ideas especially appealing to older adults.

Considering Timeshare?
These 7 basic timeshare questions and answers will help you understand timeshare and decide if timeshare is right for you.

Is a Cruise on a Large Cruise Ship the Right Vacation for You?
Looking for a new way to see the world? Consider cruising. Cruises offer good value for your travel dollar and range from frugal to fabulous. Learn everything you need to plan your first cruise.

Elderhostel Combines Travel and Education for Seniors
Elderhostel is one of the best travel values around for seniors who are 55 and older, combining unique travel and learning experiences at affordable prices.

Washington, DC - Top 10 Things to See and Do in Washington, DC
Washington, DC is a historical wonderland. Here are recommended monuments to see in Washington, DC.

Travel Tips for People with Disabilities
Travel information and travel tips for people with disabilities, including air travel and airline regulations for people with disabilities.

Cast Off for Adventure in Comfort and Convenience Aboard Rental Houseboats
Rental houseboats are an increasingly popular travel option for many people. Currently available in more than 30 U.S. states, most Canadian provinces, and countries from Africa to New Zealand, rental houseboats combine many features found in luxury waterfront hotels with the relaxed comfort and convenience of a lakeside cabin—and with a dash of adventure thrown in for good measure.

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