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5 Tips to Help You Feel Better

Focusing thoughts on wellness can help you feel better and speed your recovery

By Steven Hefferon, CMT

When you feel bad it's hard to maintain a positive attitude. But if you knew that how you think affects how you feel, would you be willing to do what it takes to feel better?

If you have an illness or severe pain, it's hard not to let the medical condition affect daily activities and your outlook on life. People in pain often do not seek help for themselves, and when suffering lasts a long time they tend to give up. Or the medical system wears them down. People learn to adapt to feeling bad, and they come to believe that things will never get better. That's why success is so rare.

Want to Feel Better? Change Your Mind and Change the Outcome
Regardless of the severity of your condition and the amount of progress you are making, it is up to you—and you alone—to find the inner strength to continue. Let go of focusing on what others can do for you.

Try to think differently, keeping the following principles in mind:

  • There's a difference between knowing and believing. It's really a difference of degrees. Believing that you could be 100 percent free of pain is fine. But what happens if you hold the belief that it will happen and then you have a setback? You could find yourself questioning that belief on some level.

    On the other hand, knowing that you have the power to help yourself feel better will help you get through the inevitable ups and downs. So live knowing.

  • Live with expectancy. Go through each day confident that you are going to get better and stay healthy. This starts with your thoughts and the words you use because they will affect your actions.

    If you haven't been able to do something you love for a very long time, tell yourself you’re going to be doing it on a specific date in the future. Talk to everyone about it. Read books and watch videos about it. Fill your mind with the joy of it. Then begin to prepare for it. Dust off that fishing pole. Clean that bike. Buy that new pair of running shoes and put them where you can see them every day to remind you that you expect to run again.

Five Tips to Help You Feel Better

  1. Change the way you think and feel about your situation.
  2. Allow others to help you, even if they are not professionals.
  3. Do not give in or let the system beat you down.
  4. Recognize small gains as progress and hope that you are getting better.
  5. Treat the symptoms and the causes of your condition.

Don't let five years pass without taking responsibility for improving your health. If you are suffering now, you will only continue to suffer unless you educate yourself and take action.

Live knowing you can feel better. Live expecting to feel better. Live by taking action and not settling until you have achieved your goals.

Steve Hefferon is a certified massage therapist and co-founder of The Healthy Back Institute.

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