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Retirement Jobs and Volunteering for Baby Boomers and Seniors

Whether you’re looking for retirement jobs, still working in your chosen career, or looking for volunteering opportunities, the work you do is an important part of your life. Having a plan is one key to successful senior living.
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Retirement - Will You Work After Retirement?
When you reach retirement age, will you continue to work or enjoy your retirement? Senior Living readers tell why they decided, after reaching retirement age, to keep working or focus on retirement.

Retirement Jobs - Why Seniors and Baby Boomers Choose Retirement Jobs
Here are the four main reasons why more seniors and baby boomers are seeking retirement jobs.

Age Discrimination - Free Legal Resource to Fight Age Discrimination
Are you a victim of age discrimination? If you lost a job or were not hired and your age was a factor, that could be age discrimination—and it’s against the law. Here's how to file an age discrimination charge.

Feeling Overworked? You’re Not Alone
A study by the Family and Work Institute found that almost one third of U.S. employees feel overworked, or overwhelmed by the amount of work they are required to do. Learn more about the causes and ramifications of feeling overworked, and which age group feels it the most.

Will You Work After Retirement?
Seventy percent of older workers plan to keep working after they reach retirement age. What reasons did they give, and what kind of jobs are they looking for?

The Link Between Work Stress and Happiness
These resources can help you better understand the factors that create a healthy work environment, what puts you at risk for burnout, and how to keep yourself healthy and happy at work.

Ask Sharon: I'm Retired and Bored
So you retired, and find you miss your job. Read through this page to see Sharon's advice on finding "work" you enjoy.

How to Avoid Employment Scams
When the job market tightens, eager job searchers can become targets for scam artists who collect personal information and money in exchange for the promise of a job. Alison Doyle, About.com Guide to Job Searching has some good advice about how to avoid employment scams.

What You Need to Know About Starting a Business
Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? First do your homework. The U.S. Small Business Administration offers a comprehensive startup guide to help you decide whether you’re really an entrepreneur at heart and how to make your business a success.

The Pain Of Being Older And Alone
Growing older alone is hazardous to your physical and emotional health. There are many ways to change your loner status beginning today..

Volunteering Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving
Volunteering is the greatest gift you can give, and while writing a check is cool, becoming personally involved is even cooler and a lot more personal.

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