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Senior Dating: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Seniors Can Get a Lifetime Pass to U.S....
Love to visit U.S. National Parks? This $10 Senior Pass will give you lifetime admission to most national parks. Learn how this lifetime senior national park pass works, and how to get one.
How to Apply for Social Security Benefits Online
How to complete the Social Security benefits application online and avoid long lines at your Social Security office.
The 4 Best Exercises for Older Adults
Exercise improves health and increases longevitiy. To get started, here are the 4 best exercises for older adults.
Free Tax Help & Filing for Low &...
How to get free tax help and free tax return filing for low income and middle income taxpayers. Special tax help for seniors and people with disabilities.
Free Job Training and Placement for Older Workers
Information on a free job training and job placement program for job seekers who are age 55+, unemployed and have low-incomes.
How Workforce50 Helps Seniors Land Jobs
This job referral service focuses exclusively on senior jobs and jobs for people 50-plus, who are among the fastest growing labor force in the U.S.
How to Apply Online for Medicare Benefits
Applying for Medicare benefits is convenient, quick and easy now that seniors can apply online for Medicare benefits.
6 Steps to Better Senior Sex
With creativity and communication, you can continue to improve your sex life as you age. Here are 6 steps to help make senior sex better.
Strength Exercises for Building Muscle and...
The first step in this how-to series of strength exercises for seniors that you can do at home. Build muscle, improve muscle tone, and increase metabolism.
Tips for Finding the Best Retirement Jobs
Tips for finding or creating retirement jobs, and how employers are recognizing the need to offer retirement jobs to older workers.
Lower Body Balance Exercises for Seniors
This how-to exercise series focuses on the lower body and improving balance. These simple lower body exercises include safety tips and can easily be done at home.
How to Find a New Medicare Doctor
Looking for a Medicare doctor? Here's how to find and approved medicare doctor. Search by geographical area, medical specialty or name.
How to Find Thousands of Senior Discounts
Looking for senior discounts? Here's where to look for thousands of senior discounts on shopping, restaurants, travel, medical services, recreation and more.
10 Tips to Help You Make the Most of Retirement...
Successful retirement living means more than money. These 10 tips for successful retirement living will help you make the most of your life.
Are You Too Old for a Rental Car?
Get tips to avoid being stranded by rental car regulations that set a cut-off age of 70 or 75, even though you reserved your car in advance.
See How Experience Works Help Seniors Find Jobs
Learn more about Experience Works. Designed to help seniors and mature workers over 55, Experience Works is a national, nonprofit that offers senior job training, job placement, and community service experience.
10 Free Entertainment Activities for Seniors
Many communities offer dozens of free entertainment and fun activities for seniors on a budget - you just need to know where to look. Here's a list to get you started.
Can You Work and Still Collect Social Security...
Can you work and collect Social Security benefits at the same time? For many seniors and baby boomers who have been forced to modify their retirement plans, and who want to collect all the Social Security benefits they have coming while continuing to bring home a paycheck, this is a serious financial and lifestyle question.
Blood Pressure 101: Why Are Those Numbers...
Knowing your blood pressure can save your life. Here's a guide to understanding how blood pressure is measured, what blood pressure readings mean, and why it's important to understand your blood pressure reading.
Tips for Taking Your Medication Through Airport...
Traveling with medication is easier when you follow these tips for taking medication through airport security checkpoints.
Why Seniors and Baby Boomers Want Retirement Jobs
Here are the four main reasons why more seniors and baby boomers are seeking retirement jobs.
How to Rent an RV
Whether this is your first RV rental, or you love RV travel and are thinking about buying an RV, here are tips to help your RV rental go smoothly.
10 Great Movies for People Over 50
If you are in the mood to see a movie that deals with the experiences of people over 50 and seniors, this list of 10 great films will get you started.
Stretching Exercises for Seniors: Increase...
Senior exercise helps you do more of the activities you enjoy. These stretching exercises will increase your flexibility and freedom of movement.
5 Steps to Help You Through the Grieving Process
Grieving the loss of a loved one takes time, but you can heal from grieving. These 5 steps can help you work through grieving and begin to enjoy life again.
Should You Apply for Social Security Benefits...
What's your best age to apply for Social Security benefits? Find out with the Social Security Benefits Break-Even Age Calculator.
7 Bad Habits That Make Your Skin Age Faster
Want to avoid aging skin? Learn which lifestyle choices cause aging skin, and what you can do to create an anti aging skin care program.
Online Tools Help Seniors Choose Best Places to...
Choosing the best places to retire can be a challenge, but online tools and information from U.S. News Media Group can make the job easier. America's Best Places to Retire offers a search tool plus profiles, photos, videos and virtual tours to help seniors find the best places to retire.
10 Great Free Activities for Older Adults
Many communities offer dozens of free activities for older adults on a budget - you just need to know where to look. This list of 10 free activities for older adults offers fun, socializing, and activities to exercise your brain. And the best part? They're free!
What Happens When a Retired Man Begins to Miss...
What happens when a retired man misses his job? Advice for retired people on enjoying life after being retired.
Best cities for seniors and aging boomers serve...
Where are the best cities for boomers and seniors to live and retire? Learn about the best cities in AARP's five best cities list.
Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Quads and...
This how-to knee exercise series for beginners and older adults focuses on strengthening your quad (thigh) muscles to help hold your kneecaps in place and support knee joints.
Cardio Exercises for a Healthy Heart
This how-to exercise series for beginners and older adults focuses on endurance and cardio exercises, which contribute to heart health and weight loss.
How Important Is Sex to Seniors?
How do older adults feel about senior sex? Get the surprising results of a sex and aging study looking at senior sexual attitudes and behaviors from ages 57 to 85.
How to Estimate Your Future Social Security...
Easy to use Social Security benefits calculators show you how much Social Security benefits you will receive based on estimated income and number of years you work.
Travel Packing Tips to Reduce Airport Security...
These travel packing tips will reduce airport security delays and make sure your bags get to your destination with you.
6 RV Travel Tips for Beginner and Seasoned...
RV Travel - More people are discovering the fun and freedom of RV travel. When planning your first RV travel or your 50th, these 6 RV travel tips from an RV travel expert will help you prepare for a relaxing, safe, and fun RV travel adventure.
Senior Dating: 10 Great First Date Ideas
If you are senior who is dating again, or thinking about it, here are 10 great first date ideas to reduce the anxiety and increase the fun.
The Top 50 U.S. Cities for Seniors
Which cities offer the best for senior living? Learn what makes a city good for senior living, and which U.S. cities offer the best quality of life for seniors.
Humor for over 50s
Humor for Over 50s about life and getting older.
5 Reasons to Get Married Over 50
Why get married over 50? Singles and unmarried couples now outnumber married couples in the U.S., but there are still plenty of good reasons for couples to get married over 50. Here are five reasons to get married over 50.
How Do You Define "Old Age," Anyway?
What's the average consensus about when old age begins? Old age has different meanings for young and older adults. Even men and women don't agree about old age.
Why Adults Over 50 Should Consider Lifelong...
Lifelong learning keeps your mind and body engaged—at any age—by pursuing knowledge and experience. Learn the benefits of lifelong learning, and find out where to look for lifelong learning resources in your community.
Many Men's Sexual Issues Can Be Avoided
Many men experience impotence or erectile dysfunction at some point, but there are often other issues involved that are more emotional than physical.
Why Stretching is Great For Older Adults
Learn the benefits of stretching for older adults, plus quick tips for stretching exercises from fitness expert Margaret Richard.
Senior housing option
ECHO senior housing gives seniors the option of living independently while being near their families.
Online Dating Site Review: Senior Friend Finder
Senior Friend Finder is a popular online senior dating site. Here's what Senior FriendFinder offers, and the pros and cons of Senior Friend Finder.
5 Senior Exercise Safety Tips
Senior exercise is great for any age, but safe senior exercise helps avoid injuries. These senior exercise tips will make senior exercise safer.
Why Senior Sex Is Better
Seniors, think you're too old for sex? Seniors can actually have better sex than when they were younger. We're older but we still crave intimacy.
Is Forgetfulness Normal...or a Sign of Dementia?
Are you forgetful? Find out if your forgetfulness is normal, or if you have signs of early dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.
Planning to Retire Soon? Make a Retirement...
This handy retirement planning checklist will help you plan ahead and be ready for retirement when the time comes.
Gay and Lesbian Retirement Communities
Learn about gay and lesbian retirement communities, why gays and lesbians want special retirement communities, and where to find gay and lesbian retirement communities.
Great Gift Idea: Gift Baskets for Seniors
People love to gift baskets. Look here for creative gift basket ideas, plus tips to make gift baskets beautiful, useful and fun.
Make buying an RV simple.
An RV is a major purchase; do your homework to make sure you get the best RV deal on the right model for you.
Margaret Richard's Secrets for Staying Fit in...
Fitness expert Margaret Richard describes how she resists the effects of aging and menopause into her 60's.
How does Medicare work?
As more baby boomers near retirement, more questions are being asked about Medicare benefits. Here's an explanation of how the Medicare benefit program works.
How to Find Outstanding Senior Travel Discounts
Travel discount - step-by-step guide to finding the best travel discounts and senior travel discounts available.
Tips for Improving Communication With Your...
Communication with the elderly can be challenging. Here are tips to improve your communication with the elderly, honor your relationship, and improve an elderly person’s quality of life.
Online Dating Site Review of Match.com
Match.com is a popular online dating site. Here is a review of Match.com that explains what Match.com offers and the pros and cons of using Match.com for online dating.
Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?
What a reverse mortgage is, the advantages and disadvantages of reverse mortgage, advice about reverse mortgage scams plus best places to find reverse mortgage information.
7 Timeshare Tips Every Consumer Should Know
Timeshare...vacation option or nightmare? Follow these timeshare tips to know if timeshare is right for you, and how to get the best timeshare deals.
How Aging Changes Your Bones, Joints, Organs...
How Aging Changes You - Learn how the aging process affects bones, joints, muscles, and organs.
How to Fall Asleep Faster
Do you find it hard to fall asleep? These tips can help you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer. Getting enough sleep is an essential part of good health at any age.
Every senior should be enjoying sex, and here's...
Senior sex is better than sex when we were younger. Sex is a waltz now rather than a steam driven piston. Slow dance sex can last all night.
Basic information can help you decide if a...
These 7 basic timeshare questions and answers will help you understand timeshare and decide if timeshare is right for you.
Retirement Benefit Checkup
10 questions to start your retirement benefits checkup and prepare for a secure retirement.
What Seniors Should Know About Canadian...
As state and local governments join the effort to make Canadian prescription drugs available to Americans, it's important to know what your options are.
How to Find the Best Work Camping Jobs
Are you a work camper looking for a great work-camping job? Here's how you can find the best work-camping jobs in the United States.
Making The Assisted Living Decision
Moving a parent to assisted living can be difficult for the family. When is it time to choose assisted living? Here are ways to tell if your parent needs an assisted living facility.
Top 3 Online Dating Site Reviews
More and more, older adults are finding companionship and love online. But where do you begin? These reviews of the top online dating sites that cater to older adults will give you the costs, benefits, and special features of each online dating site, plus the pros and cons of each.
Social Security Benefits
To help you understand Social Security and what's being done to fix Social Security, here are answers to frequently asked questions about Social Security benefits.
How to Prevent Elder Abuse
The best way to handle elder abuse is by prevention. These tips will help you prevent elder abuse.
Looking for Friendship?
When you meet new people you increase your chances for making friendships that add companionship and intellectual stimulation.
Aging Population: Seniors are Fastest Growing...
Seniors are the fastest growing population on earth. Learn why this gives seniors tremendous power to influence politics and the economy.
Skin Anatomy: How Your Skin Protects You
As the largest organ in your body, your skin protects you in many amazing ways. Take the first step to prevent aging skin with an anti-aging skin care program.
Assistive Devices Offer Help for Hearing Loss
Information about assistive devices that help hearing impaired seniors communicate, and how assistive devices improve the quality of life for two seniors.
Home Safety Tips for Low Vision: Live...
Older adults with low vision are more likely to incur falling injuries. Here are home safety tips for people with low vision to prevent falling and live independently.
8 Tips to Help Prevent High Blood Pressure at...
Adults over 55 have a 90 percent chance of developing high blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart failure and other life-threatening illnesses. You can prevent high blood pressure, and these tips will show you how.
How to Save More Money with the Medicare...
Prescription drug savings - buying advice for seniors to save money on prescription drugs with the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
World-Class Adventure Travel for People Over 50
Adventure travel specially for travelers over 50. From gentle adventure travel to demanding adventure travel, these one-of-a-kind trips offer adventure travel to more than 60 countries and all 7 continents.
Why American Communities Are Not Prepared for...
The U.S. has an aging population, but most communities are not prepared to provide aging population services. Learn the details of an aging population report.
Nursing Home Compare: Nursing Home Perfomance...
Need help finding a good nursing home? Get performance ratings for all U.S. nursing homes that are Medicare and Medicaid certified in Nursing Home Compare.
An Online Dating Website Review of eHarmony
eHarmony is a popular online dating site. Here is a review of eHarmony that explains what eHarmony offers and the pros and cons of using eHarmony for online dating.
What Recent Retirees Wish They Had (or Had Not)...
When it comes to retirement planning, most retirees wish they had done more retirement planning. Check these retirement planning tips from retirees.
Health Insurance Solutions for Early Retirees
Retiree health benefits - suggestions from a leading economist on how to protect your retiree health benefits. Page 2.
Men over 50 don't get a pass on manners when...
The numerical advantage over 50 single men have with women over 50 isn't relevant in terms of their behavior. And first date sex is about behavior.
Why Baby Boomers Choose Campus Living
A growing number of baby boomers and retirees are going back to college—not just to learn, but to live. Colleges and universities throughout the United States are teaming with real-estate developers to create campus-affiliated residential communities for baby boomers, retirees and other active seniors.
wheelchair ramps for homes
These wheelchair ramp options help seniors with disabilities install wheelchair ramps or other home modifications.
Aging Gracefully: The Benefits of Exercise for...
Research shows that exercise helps people of all ages, including seniors. Here are the important benefits of exercise for seniors and people over 50.
How to Find the Right Nursing Home
Moving to a nursing home is an important decision. This nursing home checklist will help you find the best nursing home available.
How to Find the Best Online Pharmacy
Is it true that an online pharmacy can save you money on prescription drugs? Yes, and here's how to find the best prices from reputable online pharmacy companies.
Medicare Drug Discount Cards Help Seniors Save...
Here's how seniors and people with disabilities can save 10 to 70 percent on prescriptions drugs with Medicare-approved drug discount cards.
Can Fear of Marriage Be Cured?
She has fear of marriage, he's ready for marriage. Learn what this older couple can do to work through a fear of marriage.
Senior Fun Facts
What lifestyle choices does the senior population make regarding where to live and how to live? Recreation and lifestyle information on the senior population from the U.S. Census Bureau.
RV Travel: Should You Rent or Buy Your RV?
Is RV travel right for you? How to decide whether to buy an RV or rent an RV.
4 Simple Steps to Prevent Falling
Falling down is the leading cause of injury death in adults over age 65. Reduce your risk of falling injuries by following these 4 simple steps to prevent falling.
It's Not A Sexual Myth. Men Can Have Multiple...
Multiple orgasms for men is not a myth. The Tantra practice began in the 5th Century AD and has increased sexual pleasure for men and women ever since.
The Top 50 U.S. Cities for Senior Living
Which U.S. cities are best for seniors? See the top 50 cities that offer the best quality of life for seniors. Page 2.
Baby Boomers and Seniors Embrace Lifelong...
The concept of lifelong learning is popular with boomers and seniors. How popular is lifelong learning? More than half of these survey respondents like the idea of retiring to a home on a college campus.
Senior Corps Offers Volunteer Opportunities for...
Over 55 and interested in being a Senior Corps volunteer? Senior Corps was developed to provide community service volunteer opportunities for adults over age 55.
How Are Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction...
An accurate diagnosis of impotence or erectile dysfunction can help your doctor find the best treatment. Here are common diagnostic tests for impotence and erectile dysfunction.
Whole Grain Foods - Why Whole Grains are Better...
Older adults who choose whole grain foods over refined grains reduce their risk for several major diseases. Why whole grains are better for older adults.
What You Need to Know if You Take Aspirin to...
For millions of older adults who take a daily dose of aspirin to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, a study shows that stopping aspirin can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.
How Baby Boomers Will Change Retirement
A survey shows that baby boomers are transforming retirement. Find out how, and if you are financially ready to meet your retirement goals.
Seniors Get Help From Local Government For...
Another Michigan city has joined a program offering free bus rides to Canada for seniors who want to purchase lower cost Canadian prescription drugs.
What Are the Signs of Elder Self-Neglect?
Unfortunately, elder self-neglect is very common. What is elder self-neglect? Learn the warning signs of elder self-neglect.
Science and Technology Milestones in 1969
What happened in 1969 with science and technology? Learn why 1969 was an important year for science and technology, and the key science and technology milestones in 1969.
How Will the Recession Affect Your Social...
Social Security and Medicare benefits are in jeopardy; find out how the recession further threatens Social Security benefits and Medicare.
Caregiving for Aging Parents Strains Baby...
When couples are caregivers, the relationship suffers. Learn how caregiving an aging parent can impact your relationship.
Rick Perry’s Position on Social Security...
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Men over 50 are great sex partners.
Men over 50 are the best lovers, period.
When Is It Okay For Senior Daters To Talk About...
Senior dating is difficult. Bringing up sex early on may seem like a bad idea, but it isn't.
USDA Food Pyramid Updated for Older Adults
This food pyramid, based on the USDA MyPyramid, addresses the special diet and exercise needs of older adults.
How to Avoid Online Dating Scams
Online dating can lead to romance and love, but it can also lead you into online dating scams that may leave you with a broken heart and an empty wallet. Learn how to avoid online dating scams.
More Seniors Face Injury and Death from Falling...
Over the past several years, the frequency of preventable falling injuries among people age 65 and older has increased dramatically. Why are older adults falling?
Fun Facts About the Senior Population:...
How the senior population will grow in the U.S. and the world -- demographic information on the senior population from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Work-Camper Strategies: 5 Tips to Becoming a...
Considering a work-camper job? These five work-camper tips will help you find the best work-camper opportunity.
What Is Elder Abuse?
: What Is Elder Abuse? Elder abuse happens to men and women, in all ethnic, social and economic groups.
Fewer Wrinkles, Firmer Skin for Post-Menopausal...
Research shows that post-menopausal women who used hormone therapy have fewer wrinkles, but weigh the risks before you consider hormone therapy.
Make the Golden Years Golden with a Companion...
Is having a companion animal good for seniors? Yes, according to a dog lover who extolls the benefits of companion animal ownership.
10 Diet and Exercise Myths that Make it Harder...
Which diet and exercise myths are keeping you from reaching your weight goal? Learn which popular diet and exercise myths are false and can hinder your diet and exercise program.
Why Being a Caregiver is So Hard
Being a caregiver can take a toll on your physical and emotional health, unless you get caregiver support. Here's how to cope with caregiver stress and take care of yourself.
Assisted Living in 20 Years: What Does the...
What will assisted living facilities look like when boomers are ready for assisted living? A senior housing expert tells how assisted living will change dramatically in the next 20 years.
Socially Active Seniors Less Likely to Become...
Staying socially active can help you remain free of disabilities in old age. Socially active seniors are much less likely to develop physical disabilities as they age.
Caregiver Burden and the Widower Effect
Why caregiver spouses face increased health risks - in couples over age 65, when one person becomes seriously ill or dies, the risk increases for the caregiver spouse to become ill or die as well.
How to Get Free Medicare Information
Here's how to get free Medicare information from the federal government--order free Medicare information booklets and get free Medicare information online with detailed Medicare benefits information.
Work-Campers: Footloose Retirees Trade Time for...
Some 80,000 U.S. retirees are work-campers. Work-campers supplement their incomes and travel expenses by trading work for camping space and, sometimes, salaries at private campgrounds, state parks, and wildlife refuges nationwide.
Home Exchange Cuts Travel Costs without...
Home exchange helps you cut travel costs without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Try home exchange for a thrifty way to travel.
Mature Women: False Confidence About Health/Fin...
A landmark survey discovers that many mature women have a false sense of confidence in areas like finances and health, but mature women's beliefs about aging are changing for the better.
The Grieving Process: Information and Advice...
Learn about the grieving process--how to heal from grieving and what to do if grieving takes over your life. Senior Living readers offer grieving advice to help you through your grieving process.
Eldercare Locator - Find State and Local Senior...
Need help finding senior services? Check out Eldercare Locator. Eldercare Locator helps seniors, caregivers, and professionals find local, state and national elder assistance.
Tips to Rekindle the Romance in a Long-Term...
To maintain a healthy long term relationship, it's important to keep romance alive.
Women over 50 want to be sexual when there's an...
The notion that women over 50 no longer want to be sexual is wrong. They do, but they know that great sex depends on an emotional connection first.
Long Term Care
Long term care - Created to help seniors and other people with disabilities who need long term care, this program creates new state Aging and Disability Resource Centers to improve long-term care and community living.
Sleep and Aging: The Facts about Seniors and...
Seniors need just as much sleep as younger adults, but it is often harder for seniors to get the sleep they need. The National Institutes of Health provide a wealth of information about sleep and aging to help seniors sleep well.
America's Aging Population Dilemma
Tips and information on how individuals and communities can plan for an aging population,
How does Medicare pay for medical services?
How does Medicare work? Here's how Medicare pays for your medical benefits.
Senior Brain Fitness Activities
Seniors don't have to lose concentration with free, fun, brain fitness workouts
Elder Abuse Reporting - How to Report Elder Abuse
What to do if you suspect elder abuse. Reporting elder abuse is easy and you could save a life.
There's no expiration date for falling in love
Can over 50s find love again? More than 50% remarry.
How to Apply for the SNAP Food Stamp Program
The federal food stamp program has changed - learn how to apply for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) food stamp benefits.
Pet Adoption - Seniors Can Benefit from Pet...
Pet adoption has many health benefits for seniors, but consider these pet adoption tips before making a decision about pet adoption for a senior.
Free Talking Book Program Helps Vision-Impaired...
Learn about a talking book program that helps vision-impaired readers enjoy books and companionship through talking books and talking book clubs. Join the talking book program and expend your horizons.
10 Ways Communities Can Prepare for the Aging...
The U.S. will experience an aging population boom as baby boomers reach retirement. Here are 10 best practices to help communities serve their aging populations.
Free Prescription Drugs - How to Get Low-Cost...
Do you need free prescription drugs or need help paying for prescription drugs? Find out how you can join millions of others who qualify for low-cost or free prescription drugs.
Exercise Reduces Risk of Dementia in Older Adults
Here are details of a study indicating that older adults who engage in a consistent exercise program reduce their risk of developing age-related dementia.
Knee Replacement Exercises: What's Safe?
Following a knee replacement, a 75-year old reader asks for the best knee replacement exercises to reduce clicking sounds in a new knee.
Simple Home Modifications Can Ensure Independen...
For many older adults, independent living—in their own houses or apartments—is an important factor in the quality of their lives. This checklist will help you determine where to start to make modifications for independent living.
Urinary Incontinence: Diagnosis and Treatment...
Urinary incontinence affects men and women, and is more common in older adults. Learn the types of urinary incontinence, prevention and treatment of urinary incontinence.
Why Older Adults Experience Poor Concentration
Why older adults experience brain changes leading to poor concentration, making older adults more easily distracted than young people.

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