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Readers Respond: When do you think old age begins, and why?

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Talk about denial!

Will we ever begin to feel comfortable as a society and as individuals with old age? Like admitting it happens? "Thou lovest well that which thou must leavest." A love and respect for the old and the belief that this stage of life has collective wisdom rather than (or instead of) just individual material inheritance to give can and does happen in some societies. Is there any chance of this in our world if we continue to deny that old age even exists? If we gloat about how much younger we stay than anybody else, friend or foe, there's no chance we will develop that attitude. Must I look forward to a cruise, build a new house, party until dawn, enjoy a second childhood, or feel young at heart to see ourselves as people of grace and value?
—Guest kcj808@yahoo.com

Age is just a number

I wonder what we would "feel" like if we didn't know how old we actually are. I think we are heavily influenced by societal norms and expectations re: age.So I try not to think about the actual number of my age. I also think that everyone has something to offer no matter what their age.
—Guest Karin

Old at 68?

I agree that the statement "you are only as old as you feel" is correct but I would like to add another "you are only as old as you think". I remember on my 25 wedding anniversary, my father had turned 80 the day before. He was building a new home, talking about a cruise and generally looking forward. Several people told me "your father is YOUNG for 80". My wife at the time, in her 40s, was already saying "I am too old to try that". As I age (now 66) I try to maintain my father's attitude. Enjoy and look forward. Sure, I do not walk as quickly as I did when I was 18 but I still outwalk friends in their 30s. I get stiff when sitting long periods which I did not used to. Sure, those are signs of getting older physically, but I will always be young enough to explore this world in thought, word, and deed.
—Guest tomale

Old age depends...

I believe "old age" is always 15 years older than you are. I am 64 and my husband 65. We have been married for 46 years and we still feel like teenagers on a date night. My father in law, who worked 6 days a week until he died at 94, would tell people when they asked his age: "I'm getting younger and younger." I hope to have that attitude for the rest of my life. Yes, grandkids are a great gift. I now am into X-Box and Wii. You only get old when you stop seeing the good side of life.
—Guest Ariel

Old age? Not for me!

I will be 65 in a couple of days, but don't feel "old" or look it either.No one has ever guessed my real age. I continue to do the same things as I did when I was 40. I don't exercise but I get plenty of exercise. I still dance, bowl,and hike.To me age is just a number, and mine is unlisted most of the time. It really is about how old you feel and I don't feel old at all. I think being in good health also has something to do with it. I have type 2 diabetes but it is under control with oral meds and watching what I eat.
—Guest Sandy M

Birthday response

As today is my sixtieth birthday, I'm going to suggest that old age begins at 120, which makes me middle aged.

When do you think old age begins, why?

I asked this question on Facebook and one of my son's friends replied that "Old age begins when you give up! So, don't give up!" I love it, especially coming from someone my son's age!
—Guest Guest Sue

you`re as old as you feel

Old age begins whenever one feels that way--age is only a number. You could be 90 and feel like 50.
—Guest sylvia turnquest


Today, in my case it is today. (70) It's when everything you touch seems to go wrong. It's when the aches and pains don't go away as fast as they showed up. It's when the healing of sores, bites, & cuts seem to take forever. It begins at the lose of teeth, or sometimes the hair. Old age is when your activity meter doesn't show any...and when you put on 20 pounds plus in one season...when you go to the store for a new waist size and forgot you just went last week, same reason, for the ones you are wearing. It's when you get new glasses prescription and you still can't see. It's upon you when you can't remember where you put your glasses anyway. It's when you can't sleep at night, getting up to watch a late night movie and falling asleep when everyone else is getting up. Now where was I?
—Guest Kicknbak

When does old begin

Since my mother lived in her home until 95 and passed on at 98, I don't consider most people old until they hit 90, But there are some very old 50 and 60 year old also.
—Guest maggret

Quality Of Life Defines Old Age

People tell me that I look like I'm in my 50's, and I feel like 50, although I'm 74. Old age is not a number, it's when quality of life begins to deteriorate and poor health overwhelms the body and mind. Think young, act young, live young and you'll remain young and probably healthier for a longer period of time.
—Guest Richard W.


Age 60, someways feel much younger than I thought I would at 60, however when I remember being young and spry and my joints ache, I feel like I'm getting old.

Keep on keeping on

I just got back from having lunch with a friend more than 10 years my junior. I'm in my late 50s, he's in his mid-40s, and all through lunch he was complaining about "getting old" and "feeling his age." It may be a cliche, but it really does seem to me that old age has more to do with one's attitude than the calendar. I know I'll be getting older for as long as I'm alive, and the years may bring infirmity or other setbacks, but there is always plenty of joy in life for those who remain young at heart.
—Guest Aaron

Grandkids Keep Me Young

I'm not sure I reached old age yet. I'm enjoying a second childhood with my grandchildren--I was too busy raising my own kids to feel young then. I highly recommend playing with grandkids. If you don't have any you probably know people who do, or you could volunteer at a youth center. Kids are great.
—Guest JaneW

Old age is different for everyone

I think "old age" is more a feeling than a number. After a night of partying, I felt like I'd reached old age when I was 22. Now I'm 74, and I still feel like a kid sometimes. Staying active and learning new things keep me feeling young.
—Guest Lucas

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