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Readers Respond: Senior Living Readers Share Their Favorite Drive-In Theater Memories

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For many older adults, drive-in theaters have special memories. Here, Senior Living readers share their favorite drive-in theater memories.


How many cars were driven away with the metal speaker still hooked over the window as the wire snapped? How many teenagers got in free by riding in the trunk of the car? How many kids sat in a nearby tree for the same reason? How many cars were parked without the speaker hooked to the window which was just one of the others that were fogged up? How many traffic jams were inevitable when the movie was over and most everyone raced for the exit at the same time?

Love drive-in movies!

My roommate and I drove almost two hours to Coldwater MI to the Capri Drive-In and it was my first time at a drive-in and refuse to go to a movie theater now unless it is a drive-in. If anyone makes it to Michigan to Coldwater area its a must to catch a movie at the Capri.
—Guest Mike

"You're Always Hungry!"

So many years, and what sticks in my mind? Toddies! Hot chocolate in a can! I also remember the sound of soft gravel under the tires as my dad slowly drove to our spot guided by the blue lights on the speaker poles. Somehow you saw more shooting stars at the drive-in than anywhere else on earth.
—Guest Baby Boomer

Drive-in Theatre

I would take my 4 year old son and our dog to the drive-in. I always packed our dinner and we would have a pleasant evening in the fresh air watching a recently released movie on the big screen.

Snack time!

As a kid I made it my mission to eat every snack that was advertised in the cartoons we saw at the drive-in theater near us. I never made it, but I came close (to getting a stomach ache)...
—Guest Detroit gal

Snack bar sensations

The drive-in always seemed to have a special smell. Sure, there was the popcorn and the hot dogs and the mustard, but indoor movie theaters had those things, too, and never smelled anywhere near as good as the drive-in. Maybe it was something about being outdoors on a soft summer night, or some other collection of unidentified fragrances that mixed in with the familiar aromas from the snack bar. Whatever it was, it was completely distinctive, and I'll never forget it.
—Guest Moviegoer

Under the stars

On summer mornings when I was growing up, my father would sometimes announce at breakfast that he would take us all to the drive-in that evening. It was hard to think of anything else all day, and when we finally rolled into the drive-in lot and found the perfect spot, we were in heaven. When I was really young, my parents would dress me in my pajamas before we left home, and I would play on the swings and slides underneath the big screen looking as though I had just climbed out my bedroom window and escaped to the movies. There was nothing better. Years later, I repeated the same ritual many times with my daughters. And I remember standing in the playground beneath the drive-in screen, watching my girls scampering around in their pajamas, and being flooded with warm memories.
—Guest Drive-In Daddy

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