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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Free Activities?

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As an older adult, what are your favorite free activities? These can be free activities you enjoy by yourself or with friends or family, but the key is that they're fun--and they don't cost money to enjoy. Share your favorite free activities with Senior Living readers.

Volunteering brings big rewards

Volunteering can be rewarding and empowering, raising your self-esteem. I teach other seniors computing and they are so grateful and appreciate my skills. Constantly rewarded by making new friends.
—Guest Eclair

Taiji exercise

I join a group, usually Chinese, doing Taiji exercise either in community center, park, or even in some parking lot early in the morning. Great flexibility and mental exercise.
—Guest tfshao

Playing Majong game

4 can play for a whole afternoon - good mental exercise and socializing.
—Guest qksand

My favorite free activity

I walk on the beach with my wife, breathing fresh air that inspires us to plan our future together.

favorite free activity

I enjoy being in nature--walking in the woods, visiting a park, fishing by a nearby river. Being outdoors reminds me of my boyhood and I feel timeless. :)
—Guest Ronnie

Free activities in my library

Our local library is one of my favorite places to spend some time. Aside from books, magazines and movies there are speakers, computer training, book club meetings and even a knitting club in the winter. All free with my library card!
—Guest Suzy

A walk in the park

Parks are among the best free resources of just about any city or town. Built as public oases in the urban concrete, many parks are positioned to take advantage of the best each city has to offer in terms of views and natural beauty. Some parks also have other facilities--from playgrounds to swimming pools to running/walking paths to exercise stations--and there is something about rambling through an expanse of green that is good for the soul. If it's near water, that's even better. A park can be enjoyed in every season and any type of weather, solo or in the company of friends (or a good dog), and it doesn't cost a dime. Just lace up your shoes and go exploring.
—Guest Park Ranger

one of my favorite free activities

I enjoy walking, and I'm lucky to live in an interesting city with lots of neighborhoods to explore. On a nice day, I choose a neighborhood and just wander, often with my husband or a friend, but sometimes by myself. I browse shops, people-watch, and learn about the community. Sometimes I treat myself to lunch or coffee, but to qualify under free activities I'll mention that I often pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in a park.
—Guest Marianne

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