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Readers Respond: What are your favorite ideas for a first date?

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What do you like to do on a first date? Share your favorite first date ideas with Senior Living readers, and get some new first date ideas to try.

Have a pre-date meeting!

I was told about my to-be friend by a trusted friend who owned a business the man visited - she told him about me also. She knew we were both lonely and when he came to the business, she called me to come on in. We met for a few minutes then went to see his property nearby. He must have decided I was okay as I did him so he made a supper date for the next evening where we could get to know each other better - we were dating for 2 years after that and only his death could separate us.
—Guest Nell

Favorite date idea

Once I found out that most women like roses, my city's Rose Garden became my favorite first date location. Even in winter it's pretty, and women seemed to find it very romantic. I took my wife there for our first date in 1962, and we still visit several times a year. I've come to like roses so much I started growing them myself!
—Guest Young at Heart

first date ideas

When I go on a first date I don't go all out for it--I go as myself. You don't need to be with someone who likes you for who you really aren't on the inside, so when you go on that first date be yourself. Don't worry about the dumb things and if it was meant to be it was meant to be.
—Guest eryk

first date ideas

Lunch makes a good first date. The key for a successful first date is to provide a lot of opportunity for interaction, but to keep the date itself relatively short. Plays, concerts, movies, etc., are great things to share with someone, but they're better date activities after you're into the relationship. As a first date, they are a big commitment of time and money, and they leave you both with too little time to talk and too much time to wonder what the other person is thinking about you.
—Guest Henry

Time to talk

My idea of a great first date is doing something that interests you both and provides a lot of opportunity for conversation and getting to know each other better. That might include something like a visit to museum or a gallery that has a show you both want to see. You'll be able to discuss what you're seeing, but also drift apart now and then to lessen the pressure of finding something interesting to say every minute. Afterward, you can go for coffee or dessert.
—Guest Edwin

first date ideas

If my first date is with someone I don't know well, I suggest meeting in a public place for coffee or a glass of wine. Agreeing to meet somewhere (instead of me picking her up) seems to help women feel more comfortable about meeting a stranger, and if the date doesn't go well we can both leave and avoid awkwardness. That's another reason for keeping the first date short. If we both have a good time, we plan more activities together.
—Guest Toby

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