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Readers Respond: When Is the Best Time for Sex?

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In a Canadian survey, a majority of older adults said they prefer to have sex in the evening. What about you? When are you most likely to feel those romantic urges? Tell us your preference and why it works for you.

early bird

mornings, by far. one is rested, has spent several hours close to your naked partner.
—Guest capone


I am a 73 yr old woman and healthily engaged in sexual activity with a man 70 years of age. Of course, he uses Viagra which works quite well. We have sex (intercourse) at least 3 times a week and sexual play daily. We are both physically fit in that we exercise daily, i.e., jogging, weights, biking and Pilates and, of course, sex. However, it takes longer to reach orgasm. Sometime I don't reach that point but I am quite happy ensuring that my partner does. Our encounters usually last from one to four hours, which includes foreplay...dirty dancing being our favorite. Viva la sex! It's free and fun!.
—Guest Ellen

close to nature

well you just need to respond the call of testosterone....we have excess !! with our experience and our small apartment we prefer dawn.


Anytime is gooood, but we both prefer sex in the morning when were not tired or have a lot of things going on in our heads.
—Guest harry


I have found that a show of affection to your spouse can lead to sexual activity anytime day or night. To me it's wonderful anytime.
—Guest bud woods

Nooner for us!

I still work and I can take time during the day to go home for a few hours. With Cialis, I am ready and able within a half-hour, so let the fun begin!
—Guest Mike

best time for sex

As one gets older "anytime" is the best time! You should not try to program your emotions, just go with the flow and when the urge strikes GO FOR IT!
—Guest Johnny


I'd say anytime, but my wife seems to prefer mornings. She tells me it's so she can get it done and get on with her day, but she says it with a twinkle in her eye.
—Guest Ronald


My husband and I have been married for 27 years and we still enjoy being together sexually. We find that being spontaneous keeps the sparks alive, so we make time for play at any time of the day (or evening).
—Guest Diane

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