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Readers Respond: What age is best to apply for Social Security benefits?

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Is it better to collect Social Security benefits as early as possible, or wait a few years to receive a larger Social Security benefits check each month? When do you plan to apply?

SS wants you to take less early and lose

SS had a “break-even age” calculator, but they deleted it. It no longer esists. SS (Satan's Servants) want people to make the mistake of taking less benefits early and thereby cost SS less total money in payouts ... since most people will get more money in total by waiting till age 70. SS is evil in hiding that fact from people. But if you expect to die less than normal expected age, take the benefits earlier.
—Guest Guest

The Correct Answer (Ron is wrong)

The break even age is about 82. If you think you are going to live longer then you are better delaying. If your health is bad, take Social Security benefits earlier, but if you make it to 65, chances are you will live much longer than 82. Don't fall for fear-based rationale like Ron. If you want to retire earlier, take it early, but realized that you are reducing you benefits permanently.
—Guest KZ

Receive your SS Benefits at Full Age

At Full Age(66), start to receive your funds. If you do not have a qualified beneficiary, just imagine what a waste your lifelong efforts of savings in SS will be.
—Guest Kemokai

When is the best time to take SS

I believe that there are two good times to take it and they are both after you have reached your full benefit year which is at this moment 66. If you need the money, then take it. If you are working and can wait, then might as well get 30-40% more at age 70. It depends entirely on your age and your working history at the time you request it.
—Guest Fern Shaw

get the cash NOW!

You should always get your SS at the earliest age possible. Congress is considering several bills that will force you to wait much longer, like it or not, and if you suddenly can't work and desperately need the SS check, you could be screwed. Also, when you reach the official age you can readjust your reduced amount up to the maximum amount, contrary to popular opinion that you are stuck at the reduced amount for life. Happily retired at 62, Ron
—Guest ron

Wait for the money

I enjoy working, so assuming I'm able to stay healthy and employed for the next 15 years I'll probably wait until I'm 70 to start drawing Social Security benefits. That way, I'll have moreo time to save for full retirement and will get maximum Social Security benefits when the checks do start coming.
—Guest Wordsmith

Social Security benefits--when???

I've heard conflicting advice about this. Some experts say collect as soon as possible, others say work a few extra years and get more each month. I have health problems so I plan to apply as soon as I reach 62.
—Guest almost there

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