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Readers Respond: Will You Work After Retirement?

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When you reached retirement age, did you choose retirement or to keep working? And if you haven't quite reached the age of retirement, what are your plans? Share your retirement story with Senior Living readers...tell us whether you chose retirement or working, and why you made that decision.


I just reviewed AARP's suggestion that it might be best if, after reaching the full benefits retirement age of 66, that I not collect Social Security until age 70 so that my wife who is 3.5 years younger than me might collect a much better income in the event of my demise. The state pension I'm enrolled in says I can retire anytime having passed 59.5 years old. I'm 62. I'm thinkg that as long as my health holds up, I'll retire from my present work at 66. Then apply for work in another field to cover the Social Security I won't be collecting for a while. My wife is disabled and drawing SS disability.

78 and still working

Retired at age 55. Went to work for brother in-law. At age 60 received retirement from National Guard. At 61 I id voluntary for a year. 62, SS. Went to work for son. SS has increased because of putting in more money. As long as you are working you don't need to touch your 401K. Financial freedom is nice and I can buy all the toys I want. I'm in good health. No meds. Keep working, it's great.
—Guest Ronnie


I will be 62 in March. I am employed full-time currently and cannot afford to quit. I want to take my early "retirement" at 62 and keep my job. I can use whatever SS pays for bills and a small cushion. I don't see anyone here keeping a job, only people who are going to work again. Is there anyone like me who can't quit their job but want to get the social security money early anyway?

will you work after retirement

Yes, I will. Staying active sharing talent and experience is one way of giving back.
—Guest vgz


I worked for 40 years plus and retired twice. I was in the military for 20, budget director at a major university for 20. i love coffee. i now work part time roasting coffee. the best job ever. i enjoy myself and the work i do. if one wants to work after retirement, do what is fun and exciting. something you like and look forward doing. i will continue doing this as long as i am able. I am 73 and in excellent health. So i anticipate working well into my 80's.

Will I work after retirement

If there is such a thing as SSI when I retire at (hopefully) 62 I will use the retirement to be a writer, which I've always wanted to do. Now I may not do that f/t till I am 68, the so called NEW retirement age, plus I remain incredibly under employed, as per my education.
—Guest Katy

Definitely will work in some capacity...

I have some years before I can retire but I sure can't imagine not having some sort of scheduled work time paid or unpaid, and I certainly will volunteer some hours weekly. I've been working from my home full time for years in the evenings as a medical transcriber; don't know if I'd want to continue this after retirement, however, things in my profession have changed so much. Looking forward to NOT having to stop my daytime activities outside my house so I can be home to transcribe, ha-ha. I live in a pretty good community full of activities for seniors, luckily, and have had a pretty good taste of what's out there in helping my elderly mom find things to do. I want to do a bit of traveling at some point.
—Guest cindyoh

Retirement and reemployment

In my country we have to retire at the age 55. We have no pension, only provident fund which will last you about 5 years. The mistake I made was I did not seek alternate employment when I was asked to retire in 1996 . Now I have to depend on my children for support. They are good, I am lucky. Not many of my friends were. My advice is seek employment after retirement and be self supporting.
—Guest Anthony


I hope never to fully retire, but after 45 years of working primarily behind a desk with part-time jobs of retail, food service etc , I look forward to totally changing course, returning to school in Sept 2011 in culinary arts. This is primarily for my own pleasure, but if I find I have any talent, may pursue a business. Otherwise, there are so many things to enjoy - sewing, gardening, crafts, etc - not to mention children and grandchildren - I hope to remain very active. Like others have commented, I believe if you do not keep your mind and body sharp, you may lose the abiity to do so.

There is no choice,

I have to work. Period. I should have stayed on active duty with the Navy but thought I would do better on the outside. What a joke.
—Guest curog

No Choice

I will have to work after I retire. I have diabetes and with the cost of insulin and equipment I will have no choice. Otherwise it's sharing the Little Friskies with the cat. I had a bad divorce, and while he has retired and has a paid for house, I still have 15 years left on my mortgage, and I'm 62. I'll be dead before the house is paid for. So much for the 'Golden Years'.
—Guest Pat

Yes I worked after retirement.

I chose to work flexibly part-time doing something totally different and reserved the rest of my time for myself and volunteering. That was 14 years ago and the balance has shifted to less work, the same volunteering, and more me-time.
—Guest HarrietHomeowner

Grandma of 6

I am of retirement age but choose to continue to work. I am a widow and do not want to stay at home alone 24/7. I work with a great group of people and enjoy what I do.
—Guest Suzanne Fox


I have coined a new phrase for us Boomers, Its called "Work-Tirement". Many Boomers will not be able to afford to retire so we will be staying engaged in full or part time work to survive. So we will have to keep up our health and learning as we age. It will also be a way to stay engaged and active. Boomers will be re-inventing the aging process.

Some will have to work after Retirement!

Yes, I will have to work, if I can find a job at this time in my life. I retired at 62 because after being laid-off from a job I needed funds. And getting SS was a way of having some money to live on. A part time job would help to releave some of my financial wows! So I am looking...
—Guest Maryann

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