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Great Sex For Men Over 50 Depends On......

The answer isn't related to physical attributes. It's not what's on your mind that determines great sex but rather what's in your heart. 

Senior Dating Spotlight10

Resolving Senior Sexual Issues

Sexual timing for a senior couple is as problematic as with younger couples. A man's sexual needs dominate his every thought, but a woman's may not.

What Boomer Men Can Learn From Boomer Women

There's a lot boomer men and women can teach each other, but perhaps the greatest lesson I learned from boomer women was about authentic friendships.

Single Women Over 50 Shouldn't Have to Suffer Fools

The numerical advantage over 50 single men have with women over 50 isn't relevant in terms of their behavior. And first date sex is about behavior.

How To Work Online Dating

I try not to roll my eye when my fellow seniors tell me that they’ve never met anyone with genuine relationship potential, online.

A Stitch.net In Time

I was never satisfied with the senior dating websites I joined, and I hoped someone might offer a dating site for over 50s that wasn’t just their younger daters’ site sporting a senior banner.

Women Who Want To Have "The Talk" With Men

Dating seniors don't necessarily have an edge over younger daters when it comes to relationship communication. Having the talk to move your relationship up to the next level after the honeymoon phase ends may send ripples across your guy's tranquil pond.

Volunteering Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Volunteering is the greatest gift you can give, and while writing a check is cool, becoming personally involved is even cooler and a lot more personal.

Boomer Women Shouldn't Give Up On Dating

It’s virtually impossible to express a strong point of view about dating, sex, and relationships without provoking anyone. When I hear a boomer woman say she’s given up dating, my knee jerk reaction is to argue against her decision.

The Pain Of Being Older And Alone

Growing older alone is hazardous to your physical and emotional health. There are many ways to change your loner status beginning today..

Dating And Sex Don't Always Go Together

Senior men can develop new skills that allow them to relate to women on an emotional level. They can learn these skills best with other men.

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