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Great Sex For Men Over 50 Depends On......

The answer isn't related to physical attributes. It's not what's on your mind that determines great sex but rather what's in your heart. 

Senior Dating Spotlight10

What's Your Second Date Metric?

Senior daters don't have to agonize about whether or not a second date is okay. There are factors that make that decision easy and simple.

Senior Sex Is A Touchy Topic

Senior sex is better than sex when we were younger. Sex is a waltz now rather than a steam driven piston. Slow dance sex can last all night.

Senior Dating Rituals

What's not okay to say on a first date is as important as what's okay to say. Seniors out of practice dating need to pay attention.

First Date Expectations

First date expectations can be disastrous. Sex, love, and more than getting acquainted can derail seniors and end a relationship before it begins.

Hot Peppers and Cold Emotions

It's not smart to date right after a breakup. It's not fair to your date either. Healing the pain from a breakup is essential before dating again.

A Senior Couple's First Overnight Date

When both partners avoid expectations their first overnight date will be a success no matter the quality of their first sexual experience together.

4 Tips To Let Your First Date Know You Want A Second

Lots of seniors seem to be in a quandary at the end of a first date regarding whether to ask for a second one. 4 tips to eliminate the guesswork.

5 First Date Mistakes Boomers Make

It's critical for a senior to avoid these 5 first date mistakes if you hope to make a positive and lasting first impression.

The #1 Boomer Relationship Mistake

It's not hard to derail a relationship when couples make the #1 mistake, but not everyone knows what that mistake is or when they're making it.

Mars/Venus' John Gray Says ADHD Is a Relationship Killer

John Gray breaks relationship ground again. His new book, Staying Focused in a Hyper World delves into how brain chemistry affects relationships.

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