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Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are Americans who were born between 1946 and 1964. The estimated 77 million baby boomers are an interesting mix of consumerism and social responsibility, and they have a tremendous impact on economic and social issues in the U.S. Here's information--gathered from Senior Living, the About network, and the Internet--that's of special interest to baby boomers.
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  4. Boomers: Caring for Parents (21)
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What is Generation X?
What is Generation X, the people born after the Baby Boom? Generation X lifestyles, philosophies, and how Generation X was named.

What Is a Baby Boomer?
What, exactly, defines a baby boomer? Learn how "baby boomer" got started, plus fun baby boomer facts.

Why We’re Not Prepared for Our Aging Population, and What We Can Do
The aging population boom will put tremendous stress on communities. Here are tips and information on how individuals and communities can plan for an aging population, and what some communities are already doing to meet the coming challenges of an aging population boom.

Life Changing Advice for Boomers: Rewire Your Brain to Control Your Emotions
Have trouble with anger management? These easy tips will help you control your emotions and make positive changes in your life.

Bongs for Boomers: Marijuana Use Increasing Among Seniors
Marijuana, the most popular illicit drug in America, is also quickly becoming the drug of choice for many seniors.

Green Burial: The Next Step in Green Living for Baby Boomers
Green burial takes green living to the final frontier. Learn about green burial, why green burial helps the environment, and find resources for green burial information.

Mature Women: False Confidence About Health/Finances; Good Attitude About Aging
A landmark survey discovers that many mature women have a false sense of confidence in areas like finances and health, but mature womens beliefs about aging are changing for the better.

Exercise Tips for Baby Boomers: How to Avoid Sports Injuries
We know that exercise is good for us, and can even slow down some of the body's aging processes. But if you haven't exercised in awhile, it's important to start slowly. These exercise tips were designed for baby boomers, but they offer good advice for all older adults who want to exercise safely and avoid sports injuries.

Baby Boomers and Arthritis - Arthritis and Obesity Linked
Baby boomers have more arthritis than their parents, and it may be linked to higher rates of obesity.

10 Secrets for Success: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality
A study of successful people reveals 10 common traits that they share. These secrets for success help people reach their goals and turn their dreams into reality.

Aging Gracefully: The Benefits of Exercise
Research shows that exercise helps people of all ages, including seniors. Here are a few benefits of exercise for seniors and people over 50.

How Baby Boomers Will Change Retirement - Many Will Mix Work & Play
A survey shows that baby boomers are transforming retirement. Find out how, and if you are financially ready to meet your retirement goals.

Are Baby Boomers Ready for Retirement? It Takes More Than Money
What are some of the issues baby boomers should consider as retirement looms? Here's advice for baby boomers facing retirement.

Top 5 Ways to Get Started With a Retirement Plan
Are you afraid you’ve waited too long to plan for retirement? While it’s always best to start planning early, there’s no time like the present. Even if you’re at or near retirement age, you can develop a retirement plan that works for you.

Books on Retirement and Finance
Whether you’re considering retirement now or just thinking about your future, managing your assets and planning your financial future are important. Here’s a list of books that focus on financial issues that are important to older adults.

Baby Boomers Turning 65 Optimistic About the Future
The oldest baby boomers, turning 65 in 2011, are generally satisfied with their lives and optimistic about the future, according to an AARP survey of baby boomers turning 65 in 2011.

Boomers Get Colorful at Home
Boomers are more colorful than their parents. Learn why boomers choose to live with bold colors at home.

Does New AARP Stance on Social Security Serve Seniors and Baby Boomers?
When AARP changed its long-held position on Social Security, and agreed to consider raising the retirement age and other reforms that would cut benefits for seniors, many of its members were left wondering just whose interests AARP represents.

9 Things You Can Do Now to Ensure a Better Retirement
If retirement is looming and you're not ready, these 9 ideas will help you ensure a better retirement.

Welcome To The New Senior Living Page
boomer dating, boomer relationships,

Online Dating Series: #1 Integrity
Online Dating For Over 50's

Online Dating:#2. Over 50 Date Banter
Over 50 dating can be difficult, and the hardest part may be asking someone for a date.

Sex, Trust, And Relationships

Will Your Next First Date Be Your Last First Date?
first dates,second dates,relationships,over 50 dating,magic,emotions

Men Are Only As Faithful As Their Opportunities
Are men really only as faithful as their opportunities? No. This glib statement doesn't describe most men.

You Need A List To Date
dating over 50,men dating over 50,women dating over 50,relationships,online dating,partners

Did Your Parents Have Sex On Mothers Day?
Everyone knows their parents have sex but for some reasons most of us find that a repulsive thought that we stuff down instead of celebrating.

It's Not You, It's Our Paradigm That's Old

Over 50 And Single? Online Dating Works. Get Busy
Over 50s can't hope to bump into their life partners in a park or supermarket. Your true love is waiting for you online. Get busy.

I Lost A Best Friend Yesterday
friends,senior friends,friendship,dogs, grieving loss

Take Inventory Before Dating
Taking inventory after a breakup allows time for reflection and then healing. It's not a process to be rushed.

My Love/Hate Relationship With Aging

Why Men Need Friends
Maybe men can't live by bread alone, but they also can't live without friends. Guys who lone wolf it are missing the joy that is authentic friendship.

National Doughnut Day
National Doughnut Day is a revolting holiday thrust on the American people by companies that don't care a whit about your health or well being.

Sex Before or After Dinner?
Who gets to decide whether to have sex before dinner or after dinner? While this may be a mutual agreement that doesn't mean it always feels right.

Family Roles Are Changing
It takes two hardworking parents to raise children today. Economic changes have increased a father's role in that effort in the past few decades.

5 Questions For Seniors To Ask On A First Date
Senior dating isn't about throwing darts at online profiles. It's about finding a life partner who shares your core values and beliefs nearly exactly.

Dating And Sex Don't Always Go Together
Senior men can develop new skills that allow them to relate to women on an emotional level. They can learn these skills best with other men.

The Pain Of Being Older And Alone
Growing older alone is hazardous to your physical and emotional health. There are many ways to change your loner status beginning today..

Boomer Women Shouldn't Give Up On Dating
senior dating,senior women,senior men,over50 dating,

Volunteering Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving
Volunteering is the greatest gift you can give, and while writing a check is cool, becoming personally involved is even cooler and a lot more personal.

Women Having "The Talk" With Men
love talk,emotional talk,relationship talk,men talking about feelings,women talking about feelings,serious relationship dialogue,men's, women's feelings.

A Stitch.net In Time
senior friends and lovers,senior dating,senior dating websites,senior friendship,senior relationships,new senior dating website,senior sex,

How To Work Online Dating
senior dating,online dating tips,online dating tips for seniors,online dating profiles,online dating photos,senior men daters, senior women daters

Single Women Over 50 Shouldn't Have to Suffer Fools
The numerical advantage over 50 single men have with women over 50 isn't relevant in terms of their behavior. And first date sex is about behavior.

What Boomer Men Can Learn From Boomer Women
men's groups

Resolving Senior Sexual Issues
Sexual timing for a senior couple is as problematic as with younger couples. A man's sexual needs dominate his every thought, but a woman's may not.

Senior Sex Is Sexy
Seniors think they're too old for sex. Nonsense, seniors can actually have better sex than when they were younger. We're older but we still crave intimacy.

Interview with Mars/Venus' John Gray
John Gray breaks relationship ground again. His new book, Staying Focused in a Hyper World delves into how brain chemistry affects relationships.

The #1 Boomer Relationship Mistake
It's not hard to derail a relationship when couples make the #1 mistake, but not everyone knows what that mistake is or when they're making it.

5 Boomer First Date Mistakes
It's critical for a senior to avoid these 5 first date mistakes if you hope to make a positive and lasting first impression.

4 Tips To Let Your First Date Know You Want A Second
Lots of seniors seem to be in a quandary at the end of a first date regarding whether to ask for a second one. 4 tips to eliminate the guesswork.

A Senior Couple's First Overnight Date
When both partners avoid expectations their first overnight date will be a success no matter the quality of their first sexual experience together.

Hot Peppers and Cold Emotions

First Date Expectation
First date expectations can be disastrous. Sex, love, and more than getting acquainted can derail seniors and end a relationship before it begins.

Great Sex For Men Over 50 Depends On......
Sex After 50 For Men Isn't Just Physical Anymore.

Senior Dating Rituals
What's not okay to say on a first date is as important as what's okay to say. Seniors out of practice dating need to pay attention.

Senior Sex Is A Touchy Topic
Senior sex is better than sex when we were younger. Sex is a waltz now rather than a steam driven piston. Slow dance sex can last all night.

What's Your Second Date Metric?
Senior daters don't have to agonize about whether or not a second date is okay. There are factors that make that decision easy and simple.

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