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Healthy Senior Sex: Intimacy and Fulfillment at Any Age

Is there an age limit for senior sex? No way! Here's information that can help you enjoy senior sex -- and a fulfilling intimate relationship -- at any age.

Sex and Aging: Survey Finds Sexual Desire and Activity Important to Seniors
How do older adults feel about senior sex? Get the surprising results of a sex and aging study looking at senior sexual attitudes and behaviors from ages 57 to 85.

6 Steps to Better Senior Sex
With creativity and communication, you can improve your sex life. Here are 6 steps to help make senior sex better.

What are the Roadblocks to Healthy Senior Sex?
Your need for intimacy doesn't diminish with age. Here's information on age-related sexual issues that play a part in how you enjoy your sexuality, including male impotence, female sexual dysfunction, and healthy senior male and female sexuality.

Seniors and the Risk of HIV
Did you know that the risk of HIV/AIDS for seniors is increasing rapidly? Seniors now account for about 11 percent of all new AIDS cases, and statistics show that the number of new cases is rising faster for people over 50 than for those under 40. Learn how to assess the risks and protect yourself from this deadly virus.

Chronic Pain and Sexuality: How to Renew Your Sexual Relationship
Chronic pain from an illness or injury can interfere with sexual feelings, making sexual pleasure a distant memory. It doesn’t have to be that way -- here's information to help you enjoy your sexuality while coping with chronic pain.

Arthritis and Its Effect on Sexuality
The pain and fatigue of arthritis can interfere with sexual intimacy and undermine your relationship. Learn what you can do to overcome these challenges and keep your love life on track.

Books on Senior Sexuality and Aging
Resources for information on senior sex and sexuality, aging male sexuality and aging female sexuality.

Lies We're Told About Sex
As we grow up and learn about sex, we get mixed messages from parents, teachers, friends, and the media. Cory Silverberg, About.com Guide to Sexuality, offers a list of common lies about sex to help clear up the mysteries of sex and sexual performance.

Senior Sex: Sexuality Dictionary
When people talk about sex and sex-related health terms, what are they saying? Hundreds of sexual terms are explained in this handy online dictionary.

When Is the Best Time to Have Sex?
For many people nighttime is the right time for sex. How about you? When are you most likely to feel sexy? Senior Living readers share their thoughts.

Emotional Honesty Is Critical For Seniors
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Sex, Trust, And Relationships
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