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Senior Housing and Community Information

Senior housing resources and community information to help seniors, baby boomers and their families make the right housing choices.
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Why We’re Not Prepared for Our Aging Population, and What We Can Do
The aging population boom will put tremendous stress on communities. Here are tips and information on how individuals and communities can plan for an aging population, and what some communities are already doing to meet the coming challenges of an aging population boom.

Reverse Mortgage - How are you using your reverse mortgage money?
Reverse mortgage can be a good idea for senior homeowners who need extra money. Share your reverse mortgage experience and learn why Senior Living readers chose a reverse mortgage.

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?
What a reverse mortgage is, the advantages and disadvantages of reverse mortgage, advice about reverse mortgage scams plus best places to find reverse mortgage information.

10 Great Ideas for Communities to Serve an Aging Population
Aging population - These 10 communities have creative ideas for serving their aging population.

Moving to a New Home? How to Make the Transition Easier
Moving from your old home? Make the moving transition easier on your nerves and emotions by following this moving checklist.

Gay and Lesbian Retirement Communities
Learn about gay and lesbian retirement communities, why gays and lesbians want special retirement communities, and where to find gay and lesbian retirement communities.

Reverse Mortgages Help Older Adults Get Needed Cash
Reverse mortgage for seniors: what it is, the advantages and disadvantages.

How to Find Low-Cost or Free Senior Benefits
Millions of older adults are eligible for senior benefits but don't know about them. BenefitsCheckUp helps seniors find needed senior benefits including prescription drug discounts, utility bills, and medical programs.

Boomers Get Colorful at Home
Boomers are more colorful than their parents. Learn why boomers choose to live with bold colors at home.

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