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How to Find the Right Nursing Home


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Finding a Nursing Home: Introduction
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Whether you call it a nursing home, a long-term health care facility, or an assisted living facility, choosing the right facility is one of the most important decisions older adults and their families can make.

The decision to move into a nursing home is often made during times of illness or stress, and it carries a lot of emotion for the family as well as the elder who is making the move.

Because a nursing home may be “home” for a long time, it’s especially important to check out the home thoroughly to make sure the nursing home offers the quality of care and lifestyle that will enhance residents’ lives.

“The ultimate goal [for the nursing home resident] is to be comfortable, safe, happy, and secure,” says Paulette Kaufman, Marketing Counselor for Keswick Pines Lifecare Community .

“And because it is difficult to determine which long-term health care facilities have the residents’ best interests at heart, it is often difficult to distinguish a really great home from one that is just “good,” Kaufman says.

If you are considering a nursing home, be sure to check each facility out thoroughly—and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.

Kaufman offers the following checklist to help you and your family find the best nursing home available.

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