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Legal and Government Issues for Boomers and Seniors

Stay informed about issues that interest and affect seniors and baby boomers. Make your voice heard by letting lawmakers and other officials know what you think. Government works best when good people get involved.
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Rick Perrys Position on Social Security an Insult to U.S. Seniors and Workers
Presidential candidate Rick Perry calls Social Security a "Ponzi scheme." Here's why he's wrong about Social Security.

Voters Say "No" in First Political Test of Ryan Medicare Plan
Voters in a conservative New York congressional district chose to send Democrat Kathy Hochul to Congress rather than support the Ryan Medicare voucher plan that would force seniors to purchase private insurance, raising Republican concerns that the Ryan Medicare voucher plan could become a political liability in 2012.

SNAP/Food Stamps How to Apply for the SNAP Food Stamp Program
The federal food stamp program has changed - learn how to apply for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) food stamp benefits.

SNAP/Food Stamps – How to Apply for the SNAP Food Stamp Program
The federal food stamp program has changed - learn how to apply for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) food stamp benefits.

Why We’re Not Prepared for Our Aging Population, and What We Can Do
The aging population boom will put tremendous stress on communities. Here are tips and information on how individuals and communities can plan for an aging population, and what some communities are already doing to meet the coming challenges of an aging population boom.

Healthy Aging: EPA Supports Community Improvements for Older Adults
Healthy aging - Learn about a national healthy aging program that encourages healthy aging in community planning. The program also recognize communities that support healthy aging in older adults.

Where to Find Free Legal Information
This free legal information will help you undestand common legal issues or prepare yourself to talk to an attorney. Find free legal information about wills, estate planning, elder care, housing, taxes and much more.

Fun Facts About the Senior Population: Demographics
How the senior population will grow in the U.S. and the world -- demographic information on the senior population from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Fun Facts About the Senior Population: Lifestyle Choices
What lifestyle choices does the senior population make regarding where to live and how to live? Recreation and lifestyle information on the senior population from the U.S. Census Bureau.

States Get $30 Million to Help Seniors Enroll in Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
How $30 million SHIP program from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will help seniors enroll in Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, and how to find a SHIP near you.

Internet Safety - How to Increase Your Internet Safety
Internet safety tips, how to avoid Internet scams, online shopping safety, avoid hackers and viruses, improve your Internet safety.

Medicare and Medicaid Rules Changed for Victims of Hurricane Katrina
A waiver of certain rules for Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP recipients allow victims of Hurricane Katrina to receive faster medicale care

Everything You Need to Know About Your Community
What would you like to know about your community? Health, disease, economy, services, technology and more? Chances are you can find it here.

History at Your Fingertips: View Historical Documents Online
See U.S. historical documents online, including the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and more. Learn important facts about U.S. history and the U.S. flag.

Missing Person Alerts for Seniors
Lawmakers are proposing legislation allowing police to issue local missing person alerts for senior citizens without the usual 24-hour waiting period. Here are details on the legistation, pros and cons, and what you can do to voice your opinion.

Growing Support for Canadian Prescription Drugs
As state and local governments join the effort to make Canadian prescription drugs available to Americans, it's important to know what your options are

Long Term Care Options Improving
For seniors and other people with disabilities, this federally funded grant program creates Aging and Disability Resource Centers to improve long-term care.

EEOC Proposes New Rule on Health Benefits for Medicare-Eligible Retire
Weigh the pros and cons of a controversial EEOC-proposed federal rule that would allow employers to offer different benefits to Medicare-eligible and non-eligible retirees without violating age discrimination laws. Supporters say the rule would enable employers to cover more retirees and keep costs down. Opponents say it could lead to a loss of health benefits for 12 million retired Americans.

Senior Action: Issues, Organizations and Interest Groups
Are you looking for a way to make your voice heard on issues that are important to you? Get information about organizations that are engaged in advocacy and political action on your issues, and get involved.

Older Americans Month: Facts and History
Older Americans Month is an annual event that honors older Americans and celebrates the contributions older Americans have made, and continue to make, to the nation and their communities.

Improper Government Payments Cost Taxpayers Billions
Billions of dollars in xcess payments by the Social Security Administration and other government agencies add up to a windfall for some Americans, but a big loss for taxpayers overall.

The New Politics of Health Insurance
Why privatization of health insurance, Social Security and other government programs would hurt the people who need it most.

A Misogynist Who Killed People and Dreams
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