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Michigan Cities Help Seniors Save on Canadian Prescription Drugs

Free Trips Save Seniors Up to 70 Percent on Prescription Drug Costs


CBC News reports that 30,000 seniors who live in Warren, Michigan have been offered free bus trips by the city to purchase Canadian prescription drugs.

The article says city officials estimate that residents who take advantage of the free Canada trips could save 40 to 70 percent of the cost of prescription drugs purchased in the United States.

How the Canadian Prescription Drug Plan Works
According to CBC News:

  • 42 seniors are making the first trip from Warren, Michigan to a pharmacy in Windsor, Ontario.
  • Seniors who take the bus trip to Canada will be able to order future prescription drugs from the Canadian pharmacy by mail, allowing another group of seniors to take the trip three months later.
  • Seniors will travel to Canada at no charge.
  • Each senior will be able to buy a 90-day supply of Canadian prescription drugs.
  • Seniors can purchase Canadian prescription drugs only for themselves, not family members.
  • Seniors scheduled for the trip are asked to submit their prescriptions to the city a week before the trip so the Canadian prescription drugs will be ready when they arrive.

The article reports that the city of Warren is hoping that donations and sponsors will help defray the costs, which are not included in the city’s budget. The Warren program is based on similar programs already in place in the Michigan cities of Westland and Dearborn Heights.

Commenting on the need to help financially strapped seniors save on expensive medications, Warren Mayor Mark Steenbergh said, "Nobody should have to choose between whether to pay for food or for drugs.

“Prescription medications are a necessity, not a luxury,” Steenbergh told the Macomb Daily newspaper of Mount Clemens, Michigan.

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