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Retirement: Planning It and Living It

Retirement is an exciting time, but it can also be a scary one. Changes in Social Security and Medicare, combined with fluctuations in the stock market, have left many of us uncertain about the future. Learn how to develop a workable financial and lifestyle plan that can help you live the good life in retirement.

How Will the Recession Affect Your Social Security and Medicare Benefits?
Social Security and Medicare benefits are in jeopardy; find out how the recession further threatens Social Security benefits and Medicare.

Retirement - Keeping Busy After Retirement
Now that you're in retirement, do you miss working? And how do you fill your time? Senior Living readers share their favorite ways to keep busy after retirement.

Censorship in the Retirement Community
What's the best way to make retirement community residents follow the rules? Cheesecake, according to retirement community resident Jerry G.

Taking Care of Business in a Senior Community
What's life like in a senior community? According to the Parksville Senior Community town meeting minutes, it's not dull. Funny stuff from Jerry Guralsky, a senior community resident.

10 Tips for Happy Retirement Living
Successful retirement living means more than money. These 10 tips for successful retirement living will help you make the most of your life.

My Farm Adventure in the Summer of '43
A patriotic program leads two city boys to a farm adventure in the summer of 1943.

Magazine Provides Online Tools to Help Seniors Choose Best Places to Retire
Choosing the best place to retire can be a challenge, but online tools and information from U.S. News Media Group can make the job easier. America's Best Places to Retire offers a search tool plus profiles, photos, videos and virtual tours to help seniors find the best places to retire.

A Retiree's Diary: The Contests
When retirees get together, the competition can be fierce. In A Retire's Diary, learn how contests can get a retire's dander up.

A Retiree's Diary
What's life like in a retiree community? This retiree shares his funny and bittersweet observations about a retiree's life in a senior retiree community.

Avoid the Senior Sandwich, Stuck Between Your Aging Parents and Adult Children
An increasing number of people in their fifties and sixties are finding themselves caught in a financial and emotional squeeze between two generationsstruggling to cope simultaneously with the costs of caring for aging parents and helping their children pay for college or launch careers while funding their own retirement.

Give Your Retirement Benefits a Checkup, Now
What retirement benefits can you count on? Answer these 10 questions to start your retirement benefits checkup and prepare for a secure retirement.

Planning to Retire Soon? Make a Retirement Planning Checklist
This handy retirement planning checklist will help you plan ahead and be ready for retirement.

Starting Your Own Business? Don’t Forget Self-Employed Health Insurance
More older adults are self-employed, but many do not have self-employed health insurance coverage. Here's why.

How to Find Self-Employed Health Insurance
How to find the right self-employed health insurance coverage that fits your budget.

Why Employers Are Cutting or Canceling Retiree Health Benefits
Retiree health benefits - advice from a leading economist on why employers are reducing retiree health benefits.

How Baby Boomers Will Change Retirement - Many Will Mix Work and Play
A survey shows that baby boomers are transforming retirement. Find out how, and if you are financially ready to meet your retirement goals.

Are Boomers Ready for Retirement?
What are some of the issues baby boomers should consider as retirement looms? Here's advice for baby boomers facing retirement.

Books on Healthy Retirement
As you plan for--and live--your retirement, taking care of you emotional and physical needs is as important as managing your finances. These books will help you make the most of your retirement years.

Books on Retirement and Finance
Whether you’re a Baby Boomer considering retirement, a senior still in the workforce, or a retiree enjoying your leisure time, managing your assets and planning your financial future are important. Here’s a list of books that focus on financial issues that are important to older adults.

Social Security Benefits-Seniors-Retirement
Answers about Social Security benefits, Social Security financial problems and options to reform Social Security.

Retired and Bored: What to Do When You Miss Your Job
You looked forward to retirement, and now the days feel longer than they should. Here's how to take advantage of your job skills and create more meaning in your life.

Will Social Security be Solvent When You Want to Retire?
Social Security benefits are an important element in every retirement plan, but what if the Social Security program runs out of money? In its 2004 report to Congress, the Board of Trustees of the Social Security Trust Funds warns that Social Security won't be solvent much longer unless changes are made soon.

Whole Life Insurance and Retirement Planning
Should life insurance be part of your retirement plan? It's a complicated subject with many variables, so before you buy ask yourself these questions to help make your decision easier.

Financial Planning: Pro or Solo?
Do you need a financial planner? Should you hire an expert or do it yourself? Learn what you need to know to make that decision and what to look for if you decide to go shopping for professional advice.

Top 5 Ways to Get Started With a Retirement Plan
It's never to late to get started...these five retirement planning steps will help.

What Recent Retirees Wish They Had (or Had Not) Done
When it comes to retirement planning, most retirees wish they had done more retirement planning. Check these retirement planning tips from retirees.

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