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Senior Depression: Information and Resources

Depression is common among seniors. Here's information designed to help depression sufferers and their loved ones.

Primary Care Doctors Overlook Mental Health in Older Adults
Doctors ignore mental health in older adult patients--are male or female doctors worse? Learn the results of a study of mental health care for older adults, which also says that the older adult suicide rate is disproportionately high.

How to Spot Depression in Seniors
Senior depression can be hard to spot, because depression in seniors doesn't look the same as depression in children and younger adults. Learning to identify the signs of senior depression could help you protect your senior friends and family members from the devastating effects of depression and possible suicide.

Elderly Depression: Maintenance Treatment Prevents Recurrence
How people with elderly depression can prevent recurrence after successful elderly depression treatment.

Those Winter Blues: Seasonal Affective Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder, a sensitivity to changes in light, can cause depression, weight gain (because of a hunger for heavy, greasy foods), extreme fatigue, anxiety, irritability, and an increased need for sleep. Some people are more sensitive to changes in light than others, and if you think you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder, read this article from Florence Cardinal.

Depression Symptoms Screening
Do you often feel sad or hopeless? Take this online test to determine if you have symptoms of depression.

Exercise Helps Senior Depression
Feeling depressed? Start moving. According to a report published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, aerobic exercise may be as effective as medication for treating depression—and it works faster.

Suicide on the Rise in Seniors
Approximately every 83 minutes, someone who is 65 or older commits suicide in the United States. Worldwide, statistics show that elderly people kill themselves at a higher rate than any other segment of the population. Learn who is at risk and why.

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