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Whether you’re in a relationship or wish you were, look here for information and guidance on senior dating and senior sex. 
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Dating and Romance - How My Greatest Romance Began
Every relationship has a story, and we want to hear yours. Whether you met the woman or man of your dreams online, at a church social or in a biker bar, whether your great romance is with the person sitting beside you or the one who got away, we want to hear how it all got started. When and where did you meet? How did you first know you had...

Online Dating:#2. Over 50 Dating Banter
Asking someone for a date is the first step, and it can be the most difficult one for many over 50 daters. Keep it simple and success will follow.

Online Dating Series: #1 Integrity
Online dating for over 40's can be challenging. This series of articles should make it simple and easy.

Sex, Trust, And Relationships

Will Your Next First Date Be Your Last First Date?
first dates,second dates,relationships,over 50 dating,magic,emotions

Men Are Only As Faithful As Their Opportunities
Are men really only as faithful as their opportunities? No. This glib statement doesn't describe most men.

You Need A List To Date
dating over 50,men dating over 50,women dating over 50,relationships,online dating,partners

Your Best FWB Is Your Partner
over fifty men,over fifty women, boomer men,boomer women,sex after 50, boomer sex,relationships,FWB, friends with benefits

Did Your Parents Have Sex On Mothers Day?
Everyone knows their parents have sex but for some reasons most of us find that a repulsive thought that we stuff down instead of celebrating.

Over 50 And Single? Online Dating Works. Get Busy
Over 50s can't hope to bump into their life partners in a park or supermarket. Your true love is waiting for you online. Get busy.

Take Inventory Before Dating
Taking inventory after a breakup allows time for reflection and then healing. It's not a process to be rushed.

Why Men Need Friends
Maybe men can't live by bread alone, but they also can't live without friends. Guys who lone wolf it are missing the joy that is authentic friendship.

Sex Before or After Dinner?
Who gets to decide whether to have sex before dinner or after dinner? While this may be a mutual agreement that doesn't mean it always feels right.

5 Questions For Seniors To Ask On A First Date
Senior dating isn't about throwing darts at online profiles. It's about finding a life partner who shares your core values and beliefs nearly exactly.

Dating And Sex Don't Always Go Together
Senior men can develop new skills that allow them to relate to women on an emotional level. They can learn these skills best with other men.

Women Having "The Talk" With Men
love talk,emotional talk,relationship talk,men talking about feelings,women talking about feelings,serious relationship dialogue,men's, women's feelings.

A Stitch.net In Time
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How To Work Online Dating
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Single Women Over 50 Shouldn't Have to Suffer Fools
The numerical advantage over 50 single men have with women over 50 isn't relevant in terms of their behavior. And first date sex is about behavior.

What Boomer Men Can Learn From Boomer Women
Being the best date possible

Resolving Senior Sexual Issues
Sexual timing for a senior couple is as problematic as with younger couples. A man's sexual needs dominate his every thought, but a woman's may not.

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