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How to Find Outstanding Senior Travel Discounts


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Travel Discounts are Available if You Know Where to Look
According to some estimates, people who are age 50 and older account for nearly 80 percent of all leisure travel spending. We travel more often, go farther, and stay longer than people in any other age group.

No wonder the travel industry is constantly looking for new ways to attract our business.

  • We have more discretionary income than most other travelers and more time to spend it.
  • Because many of us are retired or no longer have children in school, we have unusually flexible schedules.
  • Senior travelers are energetic and enthusiastic. There’s almost no place we won’t go, no activity we won’t sample. Our interests include everything from adventure travel to learning vacations, from escorted tours to independent travel.

As a result, seniors today are offered an astonishing and sometimes confusing array of travel discounts and special bargains.

To learn how to identify and take advantage of the best age-related travel discounts, read through this step-by-step guide.

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