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Vision: Problems and Treatments for Older Adults

Have vision problems? Many seniors experience changes in eyesight and eye health. There are things you can do to manaage age-related vision problems and keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

Free Talking Book Program Helps Vision-Impaired Readers
Learn about a talking book program that helps vision-impaired readers enjoy books and companionship through talking books and talking book clubs. Join the talking book program and expend your horizons.

How People with Low Vision Can Live Independently and Avoid Falling
Older adults with lov vision are more likely to get falling injuries. Here are home safety tips for people with low vision to prevent falling and live independently.

Vision Loss Rates to Double as Baby Boomers Age
Expect a boom in vision loss as baby boomers age. Learn causes of age-related vision loss, plus resources to prevent vision loss and cope with vision loss.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma?
Glaucoma generally describes a group of diseases that damage the optic nerve, which transmits images from the light-sensitive inner back of the eye (retina) to the brain for interpretation. Because the optic nerve is unlikely to self repair, damage tends to be permanent and blindness can result.

Fruit Reduces the Risk of Blindness in Seniors
A study shows that 3 servings of fruit daily can reduce your risk of developing age-related maculopathy (or macular degeneration), a leading cause of blindness in seniors.

What Are Eye Floaters?
The sudden appearance of eye floaters may signal a vitreous detachment, which in rare cases can lead to a far more serious retinal detachment. It's distressing to have all that "debris" in your field of vision, but often it's often not a serious problem.

Need Reading Glasses? You May Have Presbyopia
If you have trouble seeing things up close, you may have presbyopia, or farsightedness. Learn about symptoms and treatments for presbyopia.

Help for Vision Problems: Free Information About Vision Problems and …
Here's a handy resource for people with vision problems; free information about vision problems and treatements.

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