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Readers Respond: What Do You Call Older Adults?

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From the article: When Does Old Age Begin?
Senior? Elder? What's the best name for older adults? Whether you consider yourself old--or just more mature than others--tell us what you'd like to be called, and why.

Senior (proudly)

I love the term 'senior' especially when it is associated with so many wonderful discounts! I know I don't look my age and am very proud to have lived so long thus far and hope to keep my journey going much longer. My cousin never made 50 yrs old. BTW, I have 3 tatts. I got the last one at 62, two years ago. How's that for being a senior? Do not call me ma'me, etc., though. I am proud of my senior wisdom status and senior discounts.
—Guest edukater

What to call a senior citizen?

In the Northern part of India surrounding the capital city of New Delhi, people have an endearing and respectful word for male sr citizens - TAU. It is a word from a dialect of Hindi language. It means the elder brother of one's father. Sr Citizens love this form of address.
—Guest durgeshkumar


There are "baby Boomers" "Gen X", "20-somethings", so how about "60-somethings", "70-somethings", etc...
—Guest kenholtz

senior citizen

Just call me by my name. That is who I am. I am 70 & still work full time in the same fild I have worked in all my life. Since I am a productive member of society why do I need a belittling title?
—Guest rOSE

Name makes a person

Working in a large diverse environment made me realize more that people want to keep their individualities. A name gives this. My colleagues see me as a senior, but I feel like I am a person too. I do enjoy the freedom to blend in. Thanks for this nice section.


Just call me by my name or nickname. I don't like categorization or controlled environments. I am an older person who is still working fulltime and producing as well as I ever have. I am a productive member of my community and the workforce. Bill
—Guest SCGuy

senior? noway how about survivor

what's wrong with the word old? and older? to me I'd rather be referred to as older than you, if I am, than a sticker name like senior. However, I do appreciate the discounts. ~;o)
—Guest callie


Umm... for those of you that get all offended about this question, please don't be ridiculous. There is nothing demeaning about being "Old" or a "Senior" its just a stage of life. People need a word to put on paper to describe what they are talking about, and it becomes very difficult when you know that no matter what you write, somebody is going to get offended.
—Guest David


Age is only a number. some people are older at an early age. Live fast, die young, and have a good-looking corpse. I am almost eighty, gay and have a lover (Partner) much younger than I am.
—Guest Maurine


old timer sounds good to me because I seem to have been around since old times:).
—Guest old timer


I'd rather be called a Senior than Madam or Ma'am. Top pick would be to ask my name and refer to me by my name. Of course that doesn't help categorize me, but that's me.
—Guest Marcia


This is what I call older people of which I am one.
—Guest Carmen Lange

What to call me

Call me "Wise One" Because I have earned it and it properly describes how I feel.
—Guest Fred Woolman

Apology for calling the question stupid

I do not like labels. They almost always have negative connotations.

Senior is best

I like the last responder - you don't look old enough to be a senior!
—Guest Carol Marak

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